Edit: Grab Wilcity Theme Here. (native apps are launching soon – and will be INCLUDED with the theme for folks who own it in advance)

I’m getting a fair amount of questions about comparing Wilcity to Mylisting.  Wilcity was actually taken off the marketplace (TF) for a few days due to an Envato issue, and is back on this morning.

 I remain a pretty big fan of Mylisting theme for folks building directories using the “fully managed listing” approach to building a digital media/online agency style business (mostly because mylisting allows you to extend each listing in such cool, colorful and creative ways that allow your listings to become an actual stand alone “mini site” for the person, professional or profile in question)

That said, Wilcity is quite beautiful, and does some things better out of the box.

  1. Really beautiful mobile first design aesthetic and UX
  2. Customizable listing types (create your own unique listing criteria on a listing by listing basis)
  3. Well thought out call to action elements on the listing pages(book now buttons, reviews, hours and more are easy to identify, elegantly styled and eminently clickable as a result 🙂
  4. Great interactivity on the listings and events pages (lots of opportunities for natural user generated content, reviews ON reviews, event comments, and more)
  5. Really well done user profiles NOT using Buddypress. (I like this approach for a bunch of reasons, while simultaneously, being a big fan of the buddypress integration on MYLISTING. Each approach has it’s own unique pros and cons — but well worth checking out how Wilcity has done this here)
  6. Of course, they have a native app planned for August, which IS a gamechanger – and could in fact, tip the scales quite heavily in their favor, especially for those of us who want to build ASSETS (as in, virtual properties you can later sell,. in a niche, market, locality or vertical of your choosing.  For $100 bucks or so – and the cost of a domain name – you’ll be able to “flip” a directory, with a native app – without much trouble, for many multiples what you invested in the project)

Grab the Wilcity Theme here.

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