For the past month or so, I’ve been playing around with a Drift messaging box on my blog.

I’ve worked on some other projects very recently, where other people have incorporated Drift into the content or community with some great results, so I was curious what would happen if I added it to mine.

I’ve also (I guess not all that unexpectedly) started to get some questions from folks stopping by the site, chatting with me on Drift, about using Drift – which feels mega meta.
Here are 3 key takeaways about drift messaging that I’ve learned playing with their live chat box – over the last month and change.

  1. There are a lot of weird, wacky and disturbed people in the  world.  If you’ve ever read about the Buddha’s experience using live chat on his site a few thousand years ago, this will not be a surprise to you.  Having a general rosy picture of human nature myself, this was a surprise to me.  In general, because I like to drink and enjoy confrontation, especially after 2am, this really has been more of a feature of using Drift, rather than a bug.   So if you enjoy lobbing cross continental insults at strangers, and find a dearth of opportunities to do so, installing drift on your blog will be a step in the right direction.
  2. From a ROI standpoint, (if I was apt to be measuring it that way) Drift has been a great investment.  (I’m also paying nothing for it – using the free plan – so I guess that just deepens the win)  The truth is,  from a relationship building standpoint,  just over the past month, several of the contacts that have emanated from my Drift chat box have become clients in one form or another.  (several online agency oriented clients – and 1 aspiring author in our self publishing challenge )  These relationships probably wouldn’t have developed as easily without using Drift, so if you are looking for those sorts of results, I can’t recommend Drift nearly enough.
  3. There are a lot of weird, wacky and disturbed people in the world.  Okay, I know this was also takeaway #1.  But it deserves a second mention.  I also find it funny how many people won’t even attempt a proper hello or introduction – they’ll just dive in and get right to the point – no formalities (like “hi!”) required 🙂  Questions like – “how do I write a novel” and “I need to make $7K by tuesday” are much more the norm, rather than the exception.
  4. Lastly, using Drift has built a bridge between lots of the products, or software I’ll  mention on my blog from  time to time….with a lot of these folks reaching out, saying hi, and then cultivating real relationships thereafter, predicated on  that first chat based exchange.  In terms of connecting with vendors, or the actual makers behind the products I use or recommend, having this sort of frictionless opportunity for spontaneous communication has been the #1 benefit to using Drift on my site – albeit, just for a very short while.

If you are looking to deepen relationships with your audience?

Installing some sort of live chat widget is definitely a good idea.

I’m not sure that I’ll keep on using it on this blog, simply because there are only so many people in Canada who I’m willing to trade 3am insults with in a single lifetime- but I’m already looking forward to incorporating Drift (or something similar) into my next community project, and so too should you.

(PS – Pierre in Ontario:  I’ve used your work email address to sign up for every male enlargement product I could find in North America.  Let me know how that works out for you – and keep your chin up – life does get better)

Check out Drift here – all kidding aside, it’s a great way to amp up your productivity (and profitability) with a simple line (or two) of code.



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