Grow your online agency income by 200% in Sept:

14 ways to grow your platform on a bootstrap budget: These are all ideas for building an “authority” site and establishing the appearance of expertise, simply by having taking the proactive step of BUILDING something in the niche, market/industry/vertical or local area you want to step up and stand out from the sea of similarity where all your competition will swim.

Review SITE
Q and a
Video Sites (create a mini youtube for your niche – can be augmented with user generated submissions/follows/feeds/etc)
Marketplace (shopify/wc/vendors plugin/makery theme/etc)
Directory (
Job board
Course community (teachable/thinkific/sensei – some greta themes here)
Mighty network
Curated (curation using newsletter, curated, revue – chipmunk theme or blog)
Local news

Your own ideas (think outside of the box!) even something like a Recipes style site can be an amazing idea for a specific niche or audience, there is a Turkish site that does this that gets millions of uniques a month – I will find the link and post it for those who want to see it in action 🙂 Whatever you can conceptualize – you can launch!

(note: as always, I’m posting the video with “automatic” transcription from ANCHOR.FM – a killer cool and creative podcast app that unfortunately, doesn’t do accurate transcriptions as well as everything else they do so well – so forgive the scrolling text that mismatches some of what I say 🙂

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