If this isn’t the most addictive, cool and creative way to generate new ideas for your content marketing campaigns, i don’t know what is.

And if you are a heavy drinker who amuses himself easily like me, you’ll like it even better.

The truth is, very few of the headlines, article ideas, or blog posts you create from Portent’s Content Idea Generator tool are going to make any real sense…..let alone make you rich.

BUT, they will make you appear like a more interesting person.

And that alone is reason to try it.

trump_copyPlus, let’s be honest – if you are still reading this blog, you are most likely not short of free time. And everyone loves witty Donald Trump one liners you can use to rationalize why he may be a better choice for president in 2016 than your second choice, Che Guevera.

So rather than getting caught flat footed when pressed – simply stick the good Trump name into the content idea generator, and presto….you’ll have a short list of bad reasons why trump is good for our country.

Plus they’ll sound catchy, look good on a T-shirt, and yet still have just a wee bit of that nonsensical, new idea smell, which is sexy too.

This actually IS a ton of fun, and i’ve got a long list of new ideas – and if you find creating content a daily challenge, hopefully, so too will you.





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