Here is a quick article I wrote earlier today for EZA to promote a new coaching program (and community site) I’m just about ready to launch in the “Mindfulness Market” early next month.  (Feb)

Many of you who are on my list will get an invitation to participate in this project for free…… as promised in the fall of 2014.  If you are a coach, consultant, teacher, trainer, author, artist, mindful mentor or marketer, enlightened entrepreneur, wellness worker, passion professional or enlightened entrepreneur of any kind, this community will offer you a great way to advertise your offers, connect with our community and build BUZZ for your brand, blog and business to boot.

Believe it or not, I am now able to actually say that entire run on sentence out loud, without gasping for breath or bungling any words, simply do to tons of free time and very few social engagements.

The article below, submitted to EZA,  is an abbreviated version of the recording I’ll be adding to this post in about a day, once I listen to it and make sure I deliver on the promise above.  (the no gasping or bungling part)

i’ll be sharing some of the very simple things I’ve been learning playing with some new marketing models, and some of the things I’ve discovered through tweaking, critiquing, optimizing and improving some of the same ones I developed years ago….that are still working wonderfully well today.

So….read the quick overview below, and then come back as I’ll add an audio to this over the next 24 hours, and then, if all goes as planned and the world doesn’t come to an end (which Fox news IS predicting sometime in February) I’ll try to add 2 or 3 audios per week for those of you who have asked, and prefer that sort of format.

(and…..if you have any questions about ANY of this stuff, feel free to send me an email and I’ll record some answers to the stuff that comes up most often….which if history is our guide, are usually far more illuminating and helpful to all,  than the stuff I come up with on my own)

The EZA article is copied and pasted below, and I’ll have the first audio for 2015 up within a day. (or two:-)


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Who else would love to build a hyper profitable authority site out of thin air?  Would you love to take a simple idea, or a simple passion, and parlay that into a fun and flourishing blog, brand or business you could love, grow and nurture for years to come?  If you are anything like most people who try to start a business online, you are probably wasting tons of valuable time, effort, energy and INCOME on BAD ideas, from online “guru’s” who simply don’t have the real world experience to deliver what they promise.

I want to share with you some things I’ve learned about launching profitable authority sites in niches, markets and verticals I have lots of passion for, while simultaneously building a growing online agency that I love.

Curious to know more?  Continue reading as we take a closer look below:

1 – Pick Your Passion:  If you are going to build an authority site, do it in a niche or market that you truly love, or in a market that you have a natural connection to the community that you will target.  (for example, if you are a real estate agent, and your passion is real estate, it makes sense for you to build your first authority site in THAT niche, rather than a most esoteric idea that you don’t know quite as well)

2 – Leverage Tools and Templates to Simplify the Strategy:  For example, rather than worrying about how you are going to step up and stand out in a hyper saturated niche using a conventional blog, use tools and templates like specialty plugins and themes to create communities instead.  There are marketplace themes, social networking themes, job and classified boards and plugins, crowd funding tools and templates, directory site themes and so much more that will allow you to create communities that are USER oriented, and that leverage community content to quickly, easily and ethically build BIG sites with minimal effort.

3 – Always begin with the End in Mind.  In other words, have your big picture goal at hand as you launch your site, service or strategy.  Know who your ideal audience is, and how you are going to monetize it before you begin the process of placing the first pixel on the page.  I’ve seen far too many people LAUNCH something new with enthusiasm and excitement…..only to find themselves totally clueless on how they are going to monetize their marketplace once the idea catches on.

Here is a quick example from my own recent experience:  I have a lot of personal passion for the spiritual/mindful and personal development niche, and decided I wanted to build an online agency that focused on “enlightened entrepreneurs” and wellness workers.  With that in mind, I build a directory of spiritual professionals using an inexpensive premium template that looked great and added a lot of value to folks who wanted to get “discovered” in their local community.  I then paid someone an hourly rate to email professionals who were in my ideal audience, throughout 5 or 6 major cities, and invitation to be listed for free in our directory.

About 20% of those who got the email submitted a listing, and about 25% of those people actually paid for a PREMIUM listing, making the site profitable pretty quickly.  But more importantly, I’ve also been inundated with requests to help these folks improve their marketing, their blog building, their book writing and 4 or 5 other offers I identified from jump that I wanted to offer as new online agency
serving in the spiritual services market.

Not only did the authority site model help me quickly and easily grow a large site (over 300 members) in under 5 months, we have a community curated BOOK being published this month on Amazon.  (and I didn’t have to do anything other than accept submissions) and I’ve managed to build relationships with thought leaders in this field far more quickly than I could have, or would have on my own.



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