The Enlightened Entrepreneur Download (Converting Your Content Cornerstone into a Coaching Curriculum:-)

In this PDF we take a quick and easy look at how to convert your content cornerstone, or organizational outline into a product you can sell – and for those of you who have tons of PASSION but no profit, this is the absolute easiest way to codify your content into a coaching program, an ebook or audio product, or for those of you who would rather sell something that already exists……….an affiliate product instead.

You can download the file HERE – and later today, I’ll be uploading a companion audio file that will build on a few of these ideas in a bit more detail as well.

LISTEN to the Audio HERE. 🙂


The Enlightened Entrepreneur Download (Creating Community Out of Your Content – PDF)

Here is the step by step sequence of steps you need to take to convert your CONTENT into community.….as well as the super simple work flow to literally create your first list without having to learn anything complex, confusing or expensive to boot.

(as long as you have PASSION or niche knowledge, and are willing to create CONTENT around what you know and love, you CAN create a community of fans, friends, followers, and folks who will be actively engaged with what you have to share and offer)

The PDF IS HERE (those of you on my list already should have this, but for those who aren’t – feel free to download, and I hope you enjoy..:-)

BTW – The 3rd and final PDF in this series will be posted tonight – where we’ll take a very look at codifying ALL of the preceding steps into a CURRICULUM, or something you can teach, preach, sell or offer your community to monetize your marketplace, and parlay your passion into profit.





The Enlightened Entrepreneur (Content Cornerstone – Free Download)

If you are a coach, consultant, teacher, trainer, mentor or really…….passion professional of ANY kind, coming up with content is only a slender sliver of the struggle.

You need blog posts.  Article submissions.  Email auto responder messages.  And of course, a curriculum, or something to SELL to your community to actually  turn your passion…..into profit, right?

For many of us, coming up with copious amounts of killer content on a regular basis is what ultimately dooms us to disappointment, and probably is what leads most to give up completely to boot.


Creating a multi purpose outline for YOUR niche, your market and your ideas is actually the EASIEST way to codify your content into an organizational structure that frees you UP to do what you do best.

I call this the Content Cornerstone – basically because, as you’ll see in the PDF attached to this post, it really DOES provide the backbone for building your blog, your brand, your business and your bank account for years to come……it’s also the best way to get clear on what you KNOW (and where you need to grow) right out of the box.

Sound a bit confusing?  Download the PDF and you’ll get a better idea of how it works.  (and then of course, create your OWN content cornerstone for YOUR niche….and watch how quickly the “A-HA” moments arrive..:-)



The Enlightened Entrepreneur 2012 Challenge (Getting Started)

The Enlightened Entrepreneur 2012 challenge is officially underway…:-)

What that means, specifically is THIS:

I’m challenging YOU to simplify your business around what you love, and what you KNOW works, NOT because I’m telling you it does, but because you see it everywhere around you and know it makes perfect sense. (consistently creating killer content that demonstrates your authority and expertise, building a committed community of friends, fans and followers and ultimately, developing your own CURRICULUM of products, services and offers you can sell to make a living out of what you love)

I’m not only going to be tailoring the content to those of you who want to parlay your PASSION into profit, I’m going to be breaking down, blueprinting and hopefully, shining a bright light on just how exceedingly all of this IS, if you let it be.

The truth is, you CAN make a full time sharing your natural gifts with the world….and you can do it FAR faster than most of you believe, and you can start on a bare bones, shoe string budget as well.

If you are willing to work, and truly can get ferociously focused on ONE thing (building a business that honors your expertise) you will never need another gadget, another gimmick or another “guru” again.

Let’s take a look, (again) at EACH step in this particular system, elaborate a bit on what each idea represents, and then EXACTLY what you need to do to prepare yourself to begin right away.

CONTENT. There are 2 types of content you are going to need. Onsite content. (like this blog post, for example) And OFFSITE content. (content that is created to drive traffic TO your site, or more specifically, is used to build your community.

This article I submitted yesterday is an example of this sort of content – it’s not meant to be a blog post, or be brimming with passion or personality…’s meant to do ONE thing and one thing only – help me build my list – PERIOD)

COMMUNITY. There are 3 types of community in this system.  You have a blog community.  (much like you are part of mine, by virtue of  being here now)

You have your email LIST community.  (some of you are on this, too….and this is where I focus on growing first and foremost)

And you have your extended community that live in places you don’t quite control.  (social networks, content curation and sharing sites, etc)

My “on site” blog community is a bit different than most, as I prefer and recommend, a system that encourages user generated content, Q and A, and participation……much like what you are looking at now.  (you can create profiles, ask questions, particpate in groups, post to your “wall”, etc all of which obviously is FREE content that you don’t have to write (or pay) to create)

CURRICULUM.  There are many different types of things you can sell.  For our purposes, you curriculum is ANYTHING that allows you to make a living doing what you love.  It’s optimal, most profitable and ultimately easiest to create your own products and programs.  (high end telephone coaching for example would be one, or, if you are just getting started……… an audio program that consists of you sharing your expertise in a “data dump” format for a few hours and can be made in an afternoon)

If this doesn’t make sense to you just yet, take a few minutes and think it through.

Content +Community +Curriculum + Conversation =Conversion.  (Cash!)

Simple straight lines.

You write an article.

You submit article to high volume directory.

I find it while doing a Google search for something completely different.

I like your article.

I click on the  link at the end of your article.

I end up on your landing page.

I sorta kinda like your landing page, too.

You promise my life will be better if I sign up for your list.

Always interested in a better life, I sign up for your list.

I get your first automated email. (you are sleeping, I am awake, and that doesn’t seem fair)

It’s passionate, excited and enthusiastic.

I like what you have to say.

I like your style and wonder why we don’t live closer.

It makes me hopeful.  And happy.  And hungry.

I run to the kitchen to finish off the orange sherbert I bought on Tuesday.

It’s sort of freezer burnt, but still hits the spot.

I continue to be entranced with your email……and spend the next several hours reading your blog and eating myself into an ice cream food coma.


It really works THAT easily.

Simple, straight lines.

  1. Articles.
  2. Opt in’s
  3. Offers.


Our goal is to not only help you create all 3 of these CRITICAL components as easily as possible, but to also create CONTINUITY between your content, and your community and your curriculum in a way that enhances your expertise, broadens your brand, and extends your influence pretty much at the very same time.

Okay…..let’s get some specific instructions for EXACTLY what you need to get started:

1 –  EzineArticles Author Account (you will write and submit your articles here)

2 – A domain (and blog) of your OWN.  This means a self hosted blog on a domain name you control – NOT a”squidoo” lens, or a hub page, or a “” blog – or a “weeble” or any other free alternative to getting your own domain name and building your blog, your brand, your business nad your bank account where you have CONTROL

Always CONTROL what you CREATE.

3 – A commercial grade auto responder (I use Aweber and they have a $1 dollar trial for 30 days.……other than hosting, it’s the ONE service I couldn’t live without)

4 – You need a LANDING page to put your aweber form, to build your email list community, so that you can sell them stuff…:-)  So many people struggle with this step……that I decided, to do something super silly simple.  Just take MY landing page (the one I’m using right now to build MY list using the content==>community strategy) and COPY it.  Use the “view source” command, copy and paste the entire contents of MY squeeze page into your favorite editor, delete MY copy and insert your own instead…….remembering to PASTE your Aweber javascript code where mine is now, and WALA, you now have a landing page that is ready to kick butt, take names and build your list to boot.

Here is the PAGE you can copy. (it’s the same page I’ve been using for months for my articles…..and it ain’t pretty, but it does exactly what you need it to do – turn STRANGERS into subscribers, subscribers into fans, friends and followers….and ultimately, your content into customers and clients as a result)

The truth is, while that page took me 19 seconds to create and makes me shudder at how simple it looks, it still converts 30-40% of my free traffic to opt in for my list…..and that’s as good as the best fancy pants premium priced landing pages on the market do, too.  (becauseI use plenty of those elsewhere as well!)

So if it helps you – use it.

 The LAST thing you are going to need is what I call a CONTENT CORNERSTONE, or an master outline, or market manifesto of everything you know, and have to share, teach or preach in your niche, today.

This document is really the “secret” sauce to not only being able to create copious amounts of killer content almost on demand, it’s going to give you the backbone of what you are going to create to SELL as well.  (your curriculum)  And while that may seem daunting, and you may FEEL that you are weeks, months or even years away from having a product to sell, you can literally do it in a short weekend.  (and I will show you how..:-)

Remember – if you have a niche – and you are willing to create content – and you have a blog – and you have an autoresponder – and you have a landing page – and you have something that you KNOW in your bones will help folks in your niche improve their lives……you have everything you need to succeed, I promise 🙂

I’ll share the “Content Cornerstone” document building strategy in about 24 hours, and feel free to post any questions in the getting started group, here!