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Do it Yourself Crowdfunding Tools

Looking to launch your very own crowdfunding campaign but CAN’T afford the conventional “fundraising” platform fees?

One of the best options for self starters in the ever evolving crowdfunding universe are the cacaphony of creative tools and technologies that are now giving ordinary entrepreneurs like you and I the opportunity to do super duper cool things on our own.  (without needing a phd in php or being able to speak code any better than I can when I’m buying weed on the phone) Read More »

Relationship Marketing 101 (Using Old Fashioned Email to Make Friends and Influence People)

If you read my recent case study on how I generated 17,345 New Visitors, a HUGE bump in new client contacts – and 1 “Cease and Desist” letter (all from Scratch 🙂 you probably already know that the first approach we tried (and failed with) was to try to grow our example authority site with email.  Read More »


(Try saying that title 3 times fast and it feels like getting hit on the head with a whiffle ball bat.) Read More »

The Best Way to Build Your Home Based Business From Scratch

What is the best way to grow your online business or to start again from scratch…..if you KNOW that you want to work from home, or to work online…..but aren’t 100% sure what approach is best? Read More »

Crowdfunding Consulting

What does a crowdfunding consultant really do?  Is it hard work?  Do you need to be a guru or an expert or a social media superstar to help people raise funds for things that they care about? Read More »

Learn How to Become a Highly Paid Online Business Consultant (3 NEW Techniques You’ll Love)

Learn How to Become a Highly Paid Online Business Consultant (3 NEW Techniques You’ll Love)

Here is a short article that I wrote for EZA this morning to promote my next book and related projects and consulting offer that I truly believe is the best path forward for anyone who is stoked about building an online business….but doesn’t’ want to do it selling affiliate products, or building adsense oriented income, or even creating their own coaching curriculums in a conventional sense.  (e.g. – list building, doing digital downloads, webinars, and all of the other heavy lifting that is associated with selling yourself to the masses) Read More »

The Best Hosting for WordPress

What is the best hosting for your brand spanking new WordPress blog? 

How much should you expect to pay for hosting your website?  What is the difference between shared hosting, dedicated hosting and other in between options like VPS?  And are those big economy hosting plans really worth it…..or do you really get what you pay for overall?

QAI get a fair amount of questions about picking a host for site hosting…..and more often than not, for folks who are looking for a very reliable “first host” for a simple WordPress installation.  While I have used a broad range of hosting providers in the past…, I stick to WPENGINE, simply because they provide a pretty headache and 100% hassle free way to manage many blogs for multiple clients, with fast speed and with super scalable service to boot.

To be honest with you, while I don’t use them nearly as much these days – I still DO have 3 Godaddy hosting accounts as well, and still host THIS blog on GD – and although they DO tend to bunch up and squeeze many customers into the same “space” (which can degrade site performance times for sure) I DO think they also get a bit of a bum rap around the web as well.  (especially considering they DO provide 24 hour phone support for FREE – you can’t overestimate how important it is to be able to talk to a live human being when you need help, or a site is down, or you’ve screwed something up and don’t have the first clue how to fix it, a problem I’ve found myself in way too many times to count)

If you need super cheap hosting and being able to access a live customer support agent is important to you….especially if you stay up late and like to talk on the phone with strangers like me, while not sexy – Godaddy is a pretty good choice in my opinion.  WPengine is far better of course for more sophisticated hosting needs…...BUT, their support ain’t nearly as good as it once was.  (it’s primarily email based for non emergencies – and it now takes a few days to often get a response….which sort of sucks, as you’ll also read in the more complete review below)

I haven’t checked out – but according to WPMU, they are the winner of their recent review, when factoring in a whole bunch of different metrics – although I still think they are going to be more expensive than most people reading this will require.

Check out the whole review at the link following the short excerpt below for more……or if you are running an online agency or need to manage multiple wordpress sites, I DO still recommend WPengine, although I’d still like to see their support get back to what it once was.

and the winner is…! offers a consistent managed hosting service that takes the hassle out of running a WordPress website.Despite the company’s its teeny tiny support team of just two people and their limited opening hours, tickets are resolved quickly.I was impressed with’s speed and ease of use. Of all the hosts I reviewed, was the the most pleasant hosting company I dealt with. It’s their personable and friendly approach that sets them apart from the hosting corporate giants that treat customers like numbers.Bluehost goes home with the wooden spoon, scoring below par for each of our review criteria.In the end it was a close race. While some hosts excelled in areas like speed and customer service, others offers better features or cheaper prices.

Web Hosting Review: So Just Who is the Best? –

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The Best Way to Build an Online Business

Here is a short article I wrote earlier this week for Ezinearticles as I begin to promote my next Amazon book – which will be one of a series on building a business around local consulting services – and some of the cool ways you can use inexpensive tools and technology to “appear” like an expert and an authority in your local market, even if you are just getting started. Read More »

Content Marketing Examples (How to Convert Your Content into Cash)

Content Marketing Examples (How to Convert Your Content into Cash)

(infographic courtesy of

What is the best way to launch a brand new content marketing campaign?  Where can I find some really great examples of content marketing done WELL?

The truth is, all the hype aside, it’s very difficult to find good content marketing examples….from the actual people who are teaching and preaching content marketing themselves.

A few days ago I posted a link to a restaurant in Pittsburg, PA called the “ConflictKitchen” who has mastered the art and science of creating compelling, controversial and quite simply ENGAGING, interesting and INSPIRING content…..without even really trying.


Because their goal was never to create content that converts.  Instead, they are simply sharing something so important – so integral – and so elemental to their OWN ethos and world view, that their passion and sense of purpose bleeds through from the very first sentence you see….even if you don’t agree with their politics or sense of purpose.  (which appears to be – to educate and inform their guests about the culture and cuisine of the countries whose food they feature, which ALSO happens to be countries and cultures who the United States is in conflict with – a idea that I think is brilliant, and an inspiring approach to building bridges across cultural discord, and divides)

With that in mind, here a few more good examples of content marketing done right – with an eye on informing, inspiring, educating and inspiring, and of course, getting the magic of a “marketing” message out to the masses….where you believe it belongs.  (the Do ONE good Thing campaign is one I particularly remember…and like a lot as well!)

Check out the whole list at the link following the short excerpt below 🙂

Good Greens grew their sales to $50,000/month by reaching out to bloggers.Good Greens -Most Powerful Content Marketing ExamplesGood Greens was founded by Keith Pabley in 2011 when he was working with a physician to improve his practice. Keith discovered that the healthy bars the physician was recommending tasted awful, but they couldn’t find ones that didn’t.So he created Good Greens Bars – gluten free, dairy free, natural super bars with 40 antioxidants and 3 probiotics.Pabley didn’t have a large marketing budget. Instead, he build relationships with local bloggers to increase the number of reviews, mentions and search engine results for Good Greens -Most Powerful Content Marketing ExamplesGood Greens.3 of their flavours became the No. 1, 2, and 3 selling bars in Cleveland.His sales jumped 50% in 4 months. Now Keith’s bars are in over 1,200 stores.

Top 11 Most Powerful Content Marketing Examples By Small Businesses


The EASIEST Way to Build a Self Publishing Empire on Amazon (And 3 Simple Ideas I Staple To My Forehead Before Writing Something New)

Okay, I don’t really staple anything to my forehead. 

But only because I have an aversion to self mutilation, unneccessary pain, and think I’m probably a bleeder.  But, if I wasn’t – I would. 

Because if you really DO want to write for Amazon profitably, these are the most important simple lessons I’ve learned so far with my own books (both the ones featured here, and the ones I’ve written in a pen name for some more entertainment oriented niches…..which is largely where I’m focusing for the next year)

In short? Read More »

Content Marketing Jiu Jitsu – A Super Easy Way to Grow Your Audience (With a Smile and Sunshine)

Here is a short article I submitted earlier today to Ezine Articles on the idea of using complimentary content to grow your audience…..simply through leveraging our own natural desire to be noticed, a trait we all share no matter where we land on the totem pole of success and significance.

(I actually spend a good portion of my day hoping someone notices me – although I do work from home in a pair of footsie pajamas and typically have the shades pulled, which makes it difficult)

Truthfully though – the example below is 100% true (although modified and embellished a wee bit for the purposes of anonymity)   on a community content campaign I’m working on with others – in a very competitive market – and quite simply, as an unknown entity right now with a minimal readership……simply by COMPLIMENTING one of our perceived competitors, we got an avalanche of traffic this week, mostly from Twitter…..simply by catering to the idea that EVERYONE craves a good compliment.  (and when we get it – we’re very likely to demurely point others out to read it 🙂

The key takeaway?  Find someone in YOUR niche, or market who is doing something you appreciate – and tell the world about it. 

It’s a smart strategy for expanding your audience by a factor of 1 for sure….and  most likely – but many more as well!


If you are one of the tens of thousands of people who is competing for the very same eyeballs in a given niche… the truth is, you are probably struggling to stand out in the sea of sameness and similarity where everyone else swims, right?

I want to give you a very simple idea, and an angle that works wonderfully well – and is LESS about using some sort of internet marketing “secret” and more about the idea of leveraging the natural essence of being human. (as where it counts most… were’ ALL the same, down deep, no matter WHERE we are on the totem pole of success, we’re all pretty much the same at heart)

Filed Under: Writing COMPLIMENTARY content for increasing your article marketing audience

The funny thing is, we’re all so stuck on standing out, and distancing ourself from our competition, that so many of us forget to take advantage of the lowest hanging fruit, when it comes to generating new traffic.

And finding a new way to say a nice thing about someone ELSE in your niche, is probably the easiest way to double your traffic that there is.


Because not only are you getting your own natural “article opens”, your also going to get a good percentage of OTHER people’s as well. (especially the readers or subscribers or friends, fans and followers of those you compliment)

I’ll give you a quick example as to how I use this approach on a recent content campaign earlier this week.

I wrote a really flattering, (but honest) review of one of my competitors products in a web development space. (not an IM related product mind you, and not a gimmick or a guru, but a real piece of technology that we use to build content campaigns for our own clients)

Of course my own subscribers read it – via email and RSS updates, social media stuff, etc.

BUT – and we anticipated this, the company that created the technology also noticed (probably from getting a Google “alert” on their name and their product) and we started to see a little bit of new traffic trickling in from unknown sources, within a few hours of posting the article.

The next day – the company themselves (with Twitter followers north of 20K) posted a link to our review not ONCE but twice, sending an avalanche of new readers, and a bevy of new subscribers (and several inquires) in under 24 hours.

People like to point out nice things that are said about them… and if you do it well, and honestly, no matter how big the fish, they’ll find what you wrote, and tell others to read it as well.

It’s human nature. We all want to be noticed, and appreciated. If you do this well – with your articles – your blog posts and your content campaigns overall, everyone wins. (especially YOU!)

Give it Away

Do you find yourself struggling to come up with the perfect price point to give away your coaching, or sell services that you KNOW in your bones are more valuable than your current community is willing to pay?

Give it Away!

(and start working on attracting an ideal audience who can afford what you are truly worth..;-)

If you are NOT on my email list, here is something I just sent out a few moments ago that I thought would be worth sharing on my blog as well.

If you embrace the idea of urgency and the importance of what you truly value – and apply spirit of creativity in coming up with ways to be compensated by your contribution – not only will your clients win – but you’ll win as well.

Check out the full email below for more 🙂


Hey 🙂

Hope everything is well!

I wanted to share a few quick thoughts that I hope you find helpful, maybe a little inspirational if I’m lucky…….and 1 simple “trick” or technique that you can use to quickly earn amazing money as a coach, consultant, teacher or trainer….even by giving your services away.

One of the really common fears that people seem to have online – especially when it comes to teaching or training others in something they LOVE to do and do well – is the assigning of a monetary value to what they have to offer.

In other words – charging people for what you really feel called to do.

In my own business, years ago now –  when I first started “coaching” people in the entrepreneurial niche, even after having a lot of success in the “offline” direct response business as far back as my early 20’s ….I still was still nervous.

I was confident I could crush it as a coach – but yet, still apprehensive about the unknown.

The unknown was…….

I had a growing number of regular readers every day and people really seemed to resonate with my message – 

Yet –

I didn’t know how to properly quantify what I did in a way that would make other people want to pay for it.

So other than a few half hearted, insomnia fueled late night bursts of ideas and inspiration that invariably flamed out fast……

I did nothing with my “craving for contribution” for quite a long while.

I didn’t know how to be affordable enough to be accessible to a general audience, and yet still competitive enough to honor and acknowledge the value I was determined to deliver.

As a result, I wasted a few years swimming in that no mans land between 2 options that were equally unappealing.

(one to my potential clients – and the other to me 🙂

One day, after growing sufficiently bored of making my living selling affiliate products yet again…….I decided to try something a bit different.

Nothing incredibly deep, or insightful or even all that original.

I created a 7 question survey.

I took 30 minutes, wrote a simple sequence of questions and stuck them in a survey, wrote  an email that looked a lot like this one, and asked my subscribers what “must have” tools they planned on buying in the next 90 days, to fuel their business.

 Not guru’s or gadgets or gimmicks that were destined to disappoint.

But rather the REAL products and services that are part and parcel of every online based business.

Some people said hosting.

Others said a certain type of keyword tool, or an autoresponder like Aweber,  or other similar software programs that were popular at the time.

Next, I simply applied to be an affiliate for the most popular programs in that list.

 (some of which I already was and some of which, especially the hosting and continuity based offers, had commission structures over the course of a year that paid MORE than I would have charged for a coaching consultation on my own)

 Then – 

I simply segmented everyone in the list based on their responses….and mailed them a FREE offer that was too good to refuse 🙂

 Basically, I just built a bridge between MY offer, and what they previously told me they needed to buy to thrive.

 These were the things they identified in their own words – in advance – as “must have’s to survive and thrive online”

I simply offered to trade 45 minutes to a few hours of my time – for stocking their shopping cart in my affiliate basket.

 (which I provided in a clean and neat marketing menu and proactively prepared PDF 🙂

I get paid while working for free.

My clients patronize products and programs they empirically need to succeed.

My clients get 100% free coaching – and a new paradigm, or perspective, or point of view that hopefully adds a lot of value to their lives.

Everyone is happy.

The truth is, while super duper simple – this basic idea radically re-invented my coaching business in 2 major ways:

1 – It exponentially expanded my personal exposure to my ideal audience.

And it allowed me to give away complimentary coaching to people who would have never paid for it on a cost basis objection alone.

And ultimately, it has blessed me with the opportunity to create many long lasting relationships with subscribers who took me up on those offers years ago – are still on my list…..and still reading emails like this one right now – 4, 5 and even 6 years after the fact.

(several of which have grown into real friendships as well)

2 – More importantly, it inspired my imagination to come up with creative ways for my CLIENTS to provide similar types of services and find analagous offers in THEIR markets, so that they could overcome the same challenges.

I don’t care how green you are, how unprepared you may feel, or how far away you are from diving in and DOING it…….

If you truly feel a sense of passion and purpose and really want to wake up the world with your work…..

 the time is always NOW.

Next month, next year or your next birthday is one next too late.

Be resourceful.

You can literally jump into the fire… and raw – with nothing but hope and a deep desire to help to guide you.

Give it away for free.

Find out what people who love the same things you do – or who want to excel in an area that you have expertise – or have a problem you’ve already overcome on your own – find out what they know they need – what they’re buying right now – what’s on THEIR list of “must have to survive and thrive” and give them the opportunity to get it from you.

 (and in exchange – give them them back your BEST and most passionate advocacy for leap frogging the learning curve and high stepping the challenges that are holding them back)

Not only will these people often become your friends – and your best clients – quite often, they’ll be the first to share the love about YOU.

Several of my recent LAUNCHiT! subscribers are using this strategy to make powerful progress in the direction of their dreams.


One of my favorites is a woman who began using this approach a few months ago in her spiritual life coaching  practice.


She leverages an affiliate offer that pays her $100 + per sign up up – on a well known and reputable service that charges HER clients and customers a fraction of that amount of “trying” them first.

Everybody wins. 

Her clients LOVE it.  (they get an hour of HER spiritual counseling for  free, a low cost spiritual counseling session from one her partners for a deeply discounted rate, and she gets a minimum of $100 to do what she loves for a living for each new person she speaks with.


Others are using the same approach, in other markets with equal amounts of excitement and enthusiasm.

When there is a WILL, there is a way.

The truth is, the world is in such sad shape……we NEED people of passion and purpose and those willing to step up and stand out and go out on a limb, and take the chance to do something remarkable.

I spent hours and hours this week on the phone with LAUNCHiT subscribers – some individually, others in small groups – some of whom I’ve known for a long while….others I’ve just “met” these last few weeks.

But to a person……

It amazes me how people who truly believe in something BIG – and have an idea, or an inspiration, or an illumination that they TRULY believe can change the lives of others for the better…when properly channeled – how electric that energy and excitement can be, and how transformed those of us who hear that enthusiasm become.

 If you feel like you would benefit from LAUNCHiT, I’d love to hear about it.

Let me know how I can help you – what your goals are – what you’d like to accomplish – and where you’d like to be in 30 days – and if I am able, I’ll go out of my way to make it happen.

(we also have a LAUNCHiT lite that will be announced this weekend on my blog….a half priced, hyper condensed, 14 day process that is perfect for aspiring authors who want to write their first book THIS month, or folks who want to have their first coaching product or program completed and for sale by Memorial Day)

If you want the drop and details – simply reply to this email and I’ll fill you in before it’s publicly available to all.

  Most of all,- whether the above applies to you or not, I challenge you to embrace the idea of urgency with everything you love.

I’m constantly reminded how precious time is, and how when it comes to dancing in the direction of your dreams – RIGHT NOW is really the only moment that matters.


2 Article Marketing Tips For Product Launches

Everyone I know has a LOVE/HATE relationship with writing articles.

On one hand – they are free, and are a foolproof way of generating new traffic to just about any style of offer under the sun.

On the other hand – who wants to spend their day creating content when Psychic Kids marathons are on?    Not me, that’s for sure.

The good news?

Article marketing is still one of the best ways to promote a new product or service in 2013 – and if you are trying to LAUNCH something new, probably the best ROI you are going to get on 100% free traffic as well.

It’s funny because……while answering questions over the last few days about LAUNCHiT, and some of the various ways to drive traffic to a new project that uses this approach (of which there are 19 here), I get 2 very different types of questions about article marketing, and creating content for traffic overall.

  1. Can I write articles to promote my LAUNCHiT product, promotion or project?
  2.  Do I HAVE to write articles to promote my LAUNCHiT product, promotion or project?

Half see it as an EASY way to get an avalanche of new eyeballs in front of their site, service or offer.

The OTHER half see it as an obligation, and an obstacle to getting new readers, subscribers and sales.

From my vantage point, the key is to find a few simple traffic strategies you like, that are specific to your own skills and strengths and simply exploit them to your full advantage.

If you hate writing articles – DON’T do it.  (although you have to have some sort of content marketing strategy to succeed in most online enterprises – it’s certainly something you can outsource if need be)

For those of you who LOVE content creation like I do – here are 2 very simple rules that I pay particular attention to in my own.

article marketing traffic1 – Focus on the RIGHT marketing metrics.

While getting tons and tons of new readers is great for your EGO, when it comes to article marketing, the only metric that matters are the clicks that emanate from your content.  (e.g. – the people who actually LEAVE the article directory and visit your site or service via the resource box links you are allotted)_

I’d rather have an article read by 50 people that generated 25 visitors to my offer – than 500 that resulted in 10.  (and both scenarios WILL happen)

2 – Always optimize, improve, tweak and critique your resource box.

good article marketing click through rates

My goal is always, 20% or better…especially in a large niche.

You can constantly make small improvements in your resource box text that yield MAJOR improvements in the amount of visitors your content creates.

The difference between a 10% CTR and a 20% CTR on a large campaign of 100K readers or more…..can be the difference between quitting your day job and doing what you LOVE for a living….and struggling for scraps while working for a guy with a bad toupee and a passion for polyester.

(like my first boss at Payless Shoes who sabotaged every mall job I applied to for 2 years after I tried to make a upwardly mobile move to Thom Mcann)

Not cool, Mr Shero.  And not forgotten.

Forgive Yourself

How do you deal with disappointment?

What happens when you let yourself down… the hook, or give yourself a pass from making progress in the direction of your dreams, goals or overarching objectives?

What does that inner voice say?

Do you wither away or get up to fight another day?

One of my favorite chapters in writing “PASSION!” was about the art and science of self compassion and forgiveness…..and finding (and facing) your future self with skillful strategies that support following through…ESPECIALLY when you face that first day of feeling like a failure.

(e.g. – you break your diet, you DON’T run a mile, you sneak a cigarette, you DON’T work on your blog, etc)

For most of my life, I’ve been a “start again on Monday” sort of person 🙂 

(usually a comitment I’ll make on a Tuesday)

The reason?

I’ve always been my own worst critic – and when I’ve broken a promise or a plan and didn’t follow through on something I set out to do – it was almost like I felt I needed a brand new slate to begin again.

Learning to disrupt this pattern – and to transform negative self referential mental processing – (e.g. – this sucks – I suck –  this goal isn’t worth getting….and it sucks too)  has been incredibly helpful in more ways than I can possibly count here.  (which I credit largely to lots and lots of mindfulness meditation – which is an invaluable tool for seeing – and then silencing that voice once and for all)

Here is an excerpt from PASSION – and something that – if you struggle with similar feelings – is well worth reading as well.

What do you DO on day # 2?

That’s the question you ought to be asking if you’ve found yourself always getting stuck halfway up the mountain.

Because that’s the REAL secret of success.

Not how you feel when your ducks are all in a row and you are ready to go.

Instead – the first time you fail, or fall, or don’t live up to the lofty expectations you set for passion project, how do you respond?

Do you forgive yourself and continue on?

Or do you get so down and disappointed that you disappear into doubt and despair and watch your enthusiasm ebb away?

One of the really interesting things I’ve learned about achieving goals in my own business and experience with the people that push through – is that it’s very rarely about how passionate you are, or your clients are – when you first set sail.

Instead – it boils down to how you respond when you FIRST fall or fail.

I love the science done on the power of positive psychology, goal setting, willpower and self compassion.

If you want to get inspired and excited about some of the ways you can amp UP your output, check out some of the work done by Dr. Kelly Mcgonigal at Stanford University.


Because they’ve demonstrated that everything from diet to quitting cigarettes, to developing a yoga practice, to building a successful soloprenuerial business can be traced back to what you do on that very first day….when things DON’T go your way.

How do you respond to personal setbacks?

What do you tell yourself when you don’t even show up?

Are you a fan of forgiveness?

Or do you prefer to punish yourself for not following through?

Be careful when you think about this…it may have MUCH more to do with getting your goals than all of the passion in the world.

Reams and reams of willpower and goal setting success research reveals that…..

Having a compelling BIG PICTURE perspective that keeps your eye on the prize is the secret to staying ferociously focused on the future.

That being a kind boss to the internal employee that is YOU, is key.

(forgive and forget and focus on the future)

Remember the eye in the sky, and that you are bigger than the blips, bumps and bruises along the way.

No single achievement – or failure – along the way….is big enough to define that version of yourself.

I really can’t stress enough how important this idea has been in my own life….and far beyond the scope of business.

How many times have you tried to go on a new health kick, had ONE single setback, and said to yourself afterwards….

Screw it.  I cheated.  Now I have to have to start over.

And of course, you’ve got to wait till Monday to begin again, right?

Strengthening your achievement muscles

Try this simple exercise:

See yourself at a place in the future where you are actually living the life you imagined.

Whatever it is that YOU love,  that which you would be over the moon to do every day for the rest of your life and get PAID for it…….whatever that gift you have to give to the world IS – picture doing that every day, 90 days from today.

See it.


Feel it.


Smell it. Taste it.


Allow yourself to be immersed in the experience of really living a life that makes you FEEL empowered inspired and excited.


And then identify the steps, using the system you’ve picked, to reverse engineer yourself to that space…starting today.


What do you have to do TODAY to feel that feeling in the future?

Years ago…NLP practitioners used to call this process of feeling a goal “future pacing”.

In my own life – when I’ve forgotten this simple exercise – I can’t even count how many times I’ve started an auspicious personal project that I’ve been stoked about, only to press up against that first failure….and slowly slide back into the abyss.


Simply because I let the distraction of a daily disappointment derail me from my big picture goal.

For example?

I promise myself I’m going to run 90 miles in a month.

3 miles a day, every day.

No excuses.

Starting Monday.

(Because everyone knows all goals worth getting start on Mondays)

Monday I get up and run 3 miles.

I’m pumped, primed and can’t wait till Tuesday.

Tuesday, I pop out of bed and do my best impression of Usain Bolt for 3 miles if he was slow, white and had bad bed-head.

Still rocking.

Wed morning I get up, and something doesn’t quite feel right.

Maybe I slept funny.

Maybe my back is sore.

Maybe I’d rather continue the dream I was happily having before my alarm clock so rudely intervened and Jessica Alba and I were exploring Asia together, with only our backpacks and a AAA map to guide us.

For whatever reason, on Wed, I don’t get up.

And I don’t run my 3 miles.

After a cup of coffee or two and I start my work day,  guilt starts to set in.

And then a sense of apathy about the goal.

Is it really all that important?

Why 90 miles?

Why 3 miles a day?

Why can’t I just run 4 miles a few times a week, when I feel up to it?

And then a sense of futility about the goal.

Now I have to run an extra fraction of a mile every day to make up for it.

What is that all about?

Who has time to do the math every time I miss a day?

The whole 90 mile idea is silly, anyway.

Just run when you can and worry about being healthy.

And this folks, is how the sausage of stagnation is made and the seeds of success sorrow are sown.

It works the exact same way in business –

I’ve had clients where I’ve simply said

“Look, you want your first paying client in 2 weeks?   Write 4 articles every morning for 90 minutes the next 10 days – follow THIS specific formula – and if you do this, that and this……by day 11 you’ll have a small list of 30 subscribers, 4 follow up email messages and probably, your first paying client.

Let’s re-convene on the 10th day and measure.




Invariably what happens is, day’s 1 and 2 they write the 4 articles are riding high.

Day 3 they write 2 and think they’ll make it up the next. (after all…who is watching?)

Day 4 they write none.

Day 5 they try to write 9 and don’t.

Day 6 they write 1, hate it, and tear it up in frustration

Day 7 the whole thing feels strained, stressed, no fun and all mucked up.

By day 10 – there is a whole new dynamic to deal with,  & it’s usually disappointment, self criticism and the shell of confidence that has begun to crumble

And it’s always that first “derailment day” that causes all the chaos.

Because it turns out – on Day 3….that eye in the sky who is watching is YOU.

And the voice of the impostor….that silent critic within,  begins to squeak.

Instead – what you need to do is:

Forgive yourself.

Forget the failure.

And focus on what you know is next.

Stress Testing your Goals.

Document your disappointment in advance.

Write down everything that will happen when you DON’T do what you promised.

How will you respond that first day that you don’t update your blog?

What will you do that first time you don’t write a new article, or add a page to your new website, or find 3 potential JV partners?

Whatever it is that you are planning on doing…whatever SYSTEM you are using to achieve your goals, stress test it in advance.

Feel the failure….and have a plan in place for exactly what you are going to do on day 2.

For example….

If I knew, in advance that the first day I got up and didn’t run the 3 miles, I wasn’t going to punish myself.

I wasn’t going to guilt myself.

And I wasn’t going to anguish about why I’m not where I want to be.

Instead, because I looked into the future and watched as my normal human frailties showed up on the path

I simply said –

“Hey Ian – when you have a bad day – and you will – feel a little self forgiveness and compassion.  Don’t forget – You are human – and it happens to everyone.  All you’re going to do when you face your first crisis of conscience is put your running shoes on the next day and keep moving forward.  


Because day 31 is coming – and when it does – you want to be that faster, leaner and healthier living version of yourself that you know is waiting to shine through – and you WILL be if you remember that your long term health and happiness is more important than any one day’s disappointment, distraction or dubious decision”


Future pace your failure.

Describe how it feels.

Notice what you notice.

And then understand that missing a day doesn’t define you.

It’s simply part of the experience of getting to where your going.

It works wonders for me – and I’ve watched it help people who are perpetually “Start again on Monday Motivational Mavens” pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and continue on the path of progress AFTER they’ve missed milestones that would have derailed them before.

No more Monday morning motivation and new clean slates.

Dust yourself off and and re-focus exactly as you are, where you are.

Try it.

It works.

How To Launch a Coaching Practice in 3 Simple Steps (on a boostrap budget)

Q:  What is the easiest way to start coaching?  How can I turn my passion for my niche into a profitable business….without having to spend a ton of money, buy a whole bunch of nonsense or learn a whole hodge podge of new tips, tricks and techniques?  Am I better off trying to begin with a blog….or are there alternative launch strategies which work better?

One of the most common questions and concerns that has come up since announcing “LAUNCHiT” to my list on May 1st, has been burnout.  Blog burnout.  Information overload burnout.

That terrible sense of tired that sets in when you THINK you’ve tried it all….and to no avail.  The sense that you’re super skeptical that there is anything out there at all that is going to be able to give you that gentle nudge in the direction of doing what you love.

The truth is, you CAN launch a coaching business around something you love, and you certainly don’t need LAUNCHit to do it.  (even though I obviously hope you will 🙂

The key is, if you’re stuck like chuck and overhwlemed with information…… boil the blueprint down to super simple steps.

Chunk it down.  Take baby steps.

  • You need a traffic source.  (I’ve identified 19 of them you can use right here)
  • You need an offer.  (what kind of coaching, teaching, training or information you offer that makes people BETTER, and allows you to do what you love while helping your ideal audience improve their lives in the area you have authorioty, experirence or expertise)
  • You need a list.  ( a community of people who are paying attention….and who resonate with YOU, your marketing…and your message)

That’s really it.

If you have those 3 things, which can be created in a short weekend, you have everything you need to succeed.

Identify your traffic source.

Don’t learn all of them.  Pick a few you’re good at….will enjoy, and just dive in and do it.

Use that traffic source to grow your community.  (by joining your email list)

And then follow up fearlessly with ideas, information, offers & opportunities.

I know it sounds too simple.

But that’s because it truly is.


And then conversion.   (the natural process by which folks who like you, and need what you’re saying or selling, say YES 🙂

That’s all you need.

It can be done largely for free.

If it scares you…..

Pick 2 or 3 traffic sources from the list above that speak to your skills and strengths and just dive in and do it.

Focus on the MATH…and NOT the marketing.

As a coach – let’s say you have a $300 a month phone/skype or one on one consulting offer in the area that you have expertise.

It could be diet, it could be dating, it could be credit, clairvoyance or cooking.

It really matters not.

Your only challenge is traffifc.

You need people to KNOW about what it is that you have to offer though, right?

People who either share your passion but don’t have your expertise…..or have a problem and don’t have your experience to fix it.

Let’s say you start an article marketing campaign that takes drives 100 people directly to your newsletter page everyday……

It takes you 2 hours and change every day to do.

And 1  out of every 4 of those people sign up for your newsletter…….

You are adding 25 people a day to your list.

And if one out of every 25 people (4%) of those people sign UP for what you’re selling, you have a business in a box that’s ready to scale.

It’s really quite simple.

Don’t overcomplicate it.

I still write articles every month.  And they still drive traffic to THIS blog, who sign up for my list,  each and every day.   It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at this for months, years or decades….or just starting today.

The same simple rules….still rule..:-)

Check out LAUNCHiT here to see how we can help you make maximum momentum in minimum time…..OR, as we continue to push this forward, simply ask me anything about YOUR specific situation, and I’m happy to see if i can help.  (whether or not you think you’re a good fit for what we’ve got 🙂


The Perfect Product Launch

Q:  What is the easiest way to launch my first product?  What are the most important elements I should plan first?   How important is my logo……website design, or color combination? 

Do I need affiliates?  If so… do I get them?  Should I buy traffic?  And if so…..from whom, and for how much?  And what if I don’t know every single detail about my product….or my plan?  Should I wait until I get every last detail nailed down, or should I just close my eyes, get excited, take a big deep breathe and put myself out into the world?

I really believe that the biggest enemy of achieving anything signficant in life is the perpetual pursuit of perfection – the idea that it’s never going to be ready until it’s 100% air tight and guaranteed to be great…..and unfortunately, as we all know about the best laid plans, that’s very rarely the case with any goal worth getting.

Nowhere is this more evident, or obvious, than in the “launch” phase of any inspired entrepreneurial idea – and more people paralyze themselves by over analyzing their options and opportunities….rather than just dive in, get their faces muddy with mistakes…but making progress nonetheless.

I remember hearing someone say once, at one of these cheesy marketing conferences of yesteryear  – and I paraphrase, but it was something like:

“a C grade marketing campaign actually implemented is infinitely better than an A + plus idea that never leaves the brain space of the entrepreneur who dreampt it up”

It really is very true.

Or – as Goethe said far with far greater grace and style:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” .

Early next week I’ll be officially offering a brand new viral LAUNCH platform for bloggers, brand builders, authors, artists, coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, marketers, mentors and enlightentened entrepreneurs who have procrastinated for one day too long.

It’s called LAUNCHiT – because most of the other good names were taken, and I was in a rush to call it something.

But if you have inspired ideas but haven’t been able to get them out into the world just yet………..LAUNCHiT captures the exact spirit of what we want to help YOU do…:-)

It will allow just about everyone we work with to quickly and easily create the STRATEGY, STRUCTURE, SEQUENCE AND STORY that is essential to creating buzz for your blog, brand and business….and will be a great and affordable solution for getting your big ideas out into the world in rapid fire turn around time, using a true “viral” marketing method that is super easy to apply.

We’ll have all kinds of unique, affordable and  services as well – from email marketing to content creation and curation campaigns, to product creation, to helping you test and track the very BEST offers to incentivize your ideal audience to get them instantly engaged with your content…your community, and your launch campaign, and of course… a lot more.

The objective is actually quite simple –

Affordable product launches for the people 🙂

  1. Maximum momentum.
  2. Minimum time.

I’ll also be sharing a whole bunch of launch strategies – ideas that I’ll be using for both my own stuff (books, blogs and more) as well as publishing a new book on Amazon, too.

And some ideas for how you can use these very same approaches in your own local community to become a lead generation or viral launch strategiest yourself as well.  (it really only takes mastering a few very simple concepts to do some pretty impressive things for your clients, and it’s a very lucrative industry as well)

So stay tuned for that.

Or drop an email to for details beforehand.

Or, if you want to read some of the sorts of things we WON’T be recommending…….check out some more random thoughts on launching your first (or next) product from around the web….at the link following the excerpt below.

(NOTE: Most of these tips are a bit self evidently silly if you are a new business on a budget , but they ARE the “mainstream” types of things that many people I see THINK they’ve got to do to be successful, and in most cases, unfortunately just leads to more procrastination, rather than progress, and the sorts of things we’re going to be leapfrogging completely with the LAUNCHiT process, too)

Enjoy…and if you’re interested in learning more – don’t forget to drop me an email for beta details before we make the service available to all.

# * .#3Implement a unique slogan. * Prepare for your product launch by creating a catchy and unique slogan that will be used to identify it. The slogan should consist of simple language and could rhyme or contain words beginning with the same letter to make it more memorable.#4Know your competition. * Research products similar to the one you’re planning to launch that are already well-known by consumers. Use this information to direct the attention of your launch at ways that your product is different and better than the competition.#5Consult a public relations firm. * Work with a public relations agent with experience in your industry or in marketing new products. An expert can help you solidify your target audience, determine the best forms of media advertising and plan promotions.#6Write a product sheet. * Create a list of product features and details. This should explain the product to consumers while still making it attractive. Include general usage, product components or ingredients and any relevant safety warnings or liability information.

9 Tips on How to Launch a New Product – wikiHow

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Will Passion Make You Hungry?

And by hungry I don’t mean, like….hungry for sharing your flare with the world, or hungry to do what you love for a living.

Instead, I mean, will pursuing a PASSION as a profession make you more likely to be hungry in the simplest sense of the word?  (as in….not being able to afford to eat as much you’d like?  🙂

I’m doing a lot of reading these days on the POWER of passion, the transformative art and science of really indulging what inspires you to come alive.

(not to promote my recent book – but instead, as I continue to dance in the direction of my own dreams with my work as well – both personally and professoinally alike)

I bookmarked about 200 articles on Passion a few weeks ago – some I wanted to read while I was writing the book for some perspective – and of course, due to time contraints (and the fact that most of them were painful to read)  I only got to like 3 of them.

Today, as I’m catching up and cleaning up a bit….I started to leaf through the pile, and other than the airy fairy, rah-rah, “You can DO it!” style stuff that permeates the professional publishing passionsphere, I’m starting to notice another trend altogether.

The cynical perspective on pursuing passion for a living.

The “you aren’t all that special” so don’t believe the hype stuff.

The middle management, low risk route is the right one strategy.

And while I hate all  of the “you are a rock star” puff pieces out there that do more harm than good, I find it a bit more troubling to read all of the pragmatic perspectives of those who’d advise you to settle as well.

Here is a good example post – you can check out the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below – but encouraging people to follow the safe route – or to say –

“Unless you’re a true star (brilliant, driven, great personality, or have great connections), give it up.”

I think is really, really offputting.

Or – under “Advice I’d Give My Child” – 

“Just remember is this one rule: Don’t innovate. Replicate. Copy a successful simple business.Innovations are too risky: Your product might not work, may not be popular with the public, or a competitor could beat you to market. Why be a guinea pig? Unless you have deep pockets or are truly brilliant, the risks are too great.”

I’m so glad my own parents didn’t give me that advice.  And not because being entrepreneurial – or thinking that you can do great things is a guarantee of actually doing it – and certainly not because it’s the safest path to any sort of success……but there is something scary – and sad – and sort of pathetic even…… about thinking about life – and a career – and contribution – and your legacy through this lens.

Check out the whole blog post at the link below.

In contrast, if your job is mundane, for example, marketing manager for the Western Widget Company, the employer knows there aren’t hundreds of competent people champing at the bit for your job. So, to keep you, the employer is more likely to offer decent working conditions, reasonable work hours, kind treatment, opportunities for learning, and pay you well. Those are the things that—much more than being in a “cool” career– lead to career contentment.You say you want status? Unless you’re a true star (brilliant, driven, great personality, or have great connections), give it up. Status is often the enemy of success. You’re more likely to find career contentment in a not-high-status career. In my mind, someone who’s an honorable assistant manager for the Western Widget Co. is more worthy of respect than many lawyers, investment bankers, and business development VPs I know. If someone thinks less of you because you’re job isn’t high-status, they don’t deserve to be your friend.Advice I’d Give My ChildIf you’re entrepreneurial, I recommend starting your own business. Yes, I know, only 20 percent of new businesses are still in business after five years, but you can beat the odds. Just remember is this one rule: Don’t innovate. Replicate. Copy a successful simple business.Innovations are too risky: Your product might not work, may not be popular with the public, or a competitor could beat you to market. Why be a guinea pig? Unless you have deep pockets or are truly brilliant, the risks are too great. Many people have ended up in poverty because of their innovations. Even Tivo, a wonderful new product lost hundreds of millions of dollars in the first few years. Last I checked, you don’t have oodles of money to lose. Leave the innovations to corporations or the independently wealthy.

Do What You Love and Starve?

Leadership & The Butterfly Effect

This is a really great, short TED talk on the power of leadership….and how seemingly small actions can have such huge ramifications on the lives of others.

It’s so easy to get sucked into the trap that we need to do huge things to make a difference.

Go big or go home.

Massive action for maximum momentum.

Maybe that’s not 100% true.

Maybe leadership is simply a way of being in the world

Instead, maybe simple things we can each do everyday, often that require very little effort or expense, can have some of the biggest benefits.

 In my own life, I’m often amazed at how it’s the small things that change my day, or brighten my mood, or energize my enthusiasm to do this, that or the other….a simple smile from a stranger, or a short conversation with someone on the street, or even an unexpected exchange with someone you’d ordinarily overlook.

Well worth watching for 7 minutes of inspiration.


My Favorite Amazon Review of the Day (Volume 861 of This Will Probably Never Get Old)

I love reading Amazon reviews. I really do. Others like to leave the house for food or exercise, or  to make new friends.

I prefer to stay home and read Amazon reviews.

Here is today’s favorite.


How to Find Your Purpose

Here is a pretty good blog post – with a collection of thoughts, ideas and inspirational musings on how to find your purpose….and do what you love for a living, that I wanted to share.

I especially liked this post (at the link below) because…….the one sure thing you discover in the pursuit of finding wise words about PASSION on the web….and truly trying to latch on to some ideas you can use to pursue YOUR sense of passion and purpose in the world (your being the operative idea there) is the endless amount of droll drivel out there in the blogosphere……pontificating about what it means to be a success, what successful people do (or don’t) and all of that other nonsensical nonsense and new age ninkinpoopedness that leads us all to feel WORSE about ourselves when we’re done, then when we began.

I mean, how many times have we read a blog post about the “rules” of success – and what people who “win” do better than the rest of us mere mortals…..or about how X celebrity, or entrepreneur or athlete, got so damn successful, based on ABC set of traits….only to find out later that celebrity exhibit A also happened to be a world class cheat or creep or fugazi and a complete fraud….that everything you thought you knew, and could never do, really had nothing at all to do with what it really meant to get a goal in the first place?

I truly believe success HAS to be measured subjectively….from your own prism and perspective – what makes YOU feel good about YOU.…to mean anything worthwhile at all. 

(otherwise it’s all just a bunch of bumper sticker quotes which no body really follows or believes in…and those of us who try to emulate those traits are only doing ourselves a dis-service in confidence or competence….when we find we can’t live up to the lofty expecations we’re told are required to dance in the direction of our dreams, the inevitable outcome is always feeling like it’s US who aren’t good enough, rather than the rules that were warped and out of wack all along)

Things are never quite the way them seem from the outside looking in…and that’s why I truly believe you’ve got to be able to “filter the fluff” and see through all of the self help style “rules” about what it takes to do what you LOVE for a living, and instead….just march to your own beat and do things that inspire you, make you feel like you are playing full out with your own natural gifts….and sharing them with the world in such a way as you can’t almost help but be a financial success as well.

Anyway – I really liked a few of the quotes on this blog below – and thought they were worth sharing – make your own rules – define what success feels like to YOU – it may not be money – it may be contribution – or connection – or even a simple sense of joy that you get from immersing yourself in something you love. 

As long as they work for YOU – and for the right reasons – you’ve got more wisdom than most.

Check out the full article at the link following the short excerpt below.

One of the interesting things about success is that we think we know what it means. A lot of the time our ideas about what it would mean to live successfully are not our own. They’re sucked in from other people. And we also suck in messages from everything from the television to advertising to marketing, etcetera. These are hugely powerful forces that define what we want and how we view ourselves. What I want to argue for is not that we should give up on our ideas of success, but that we should make sure that they are our own. We should focus in on our ideas and make sure that we own them, that we’re truly the authors of our own ambitions. Because it’s bad enough not getting what you want, but it’s even worse to have an idea of what it is you want and find out at the end of the journey that it isn’t, in fact, what you wanted all along.”

How to Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love | Brain Pickings

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