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Now on Gumroad:  (for new subscribers)

A simple 6 point template for quickly and easily writing books, creating courses, curriculums and any other type of teachable content you can sell.

These 6 bullet points are the foundation of just about everything I create, and have reduced the amount of time, energy and mental capital I need to invest in any new writing project to an absolute minimum (and have made the process of creating again fun)

I’ve found that stripping out the superfluous silliness and streamlining each new article or idea into a ferociously focused TEACHABLE concept, is the greatest gift you can offer your readers, subscribers, fans, followers or online evangelists.

It will take you 90 seconds to read this one page PDF – but if you are coach, consultant, teacher, trainer, artist, author, mentor, mindful marketer, enlightened entrepreneur or PASSION professional……I promise, you’ll be creating more quickly than ever if you try and apply this outline to your existing approach.

Note to all existing readers and subscribers:   (yes, that only means you Aunt Jane and second Cousins Chuck and Connie)

If you aren’t using Gumroad to sell your stuff, you are insane.  (and even if you are, second cousin Chuck – you remain insane)

Why?  Since I’ve updated this particular blog last, they’ve come out with a brand new WAY overdue marketplace feature…..(something I had hoped they’d implement long ago and requested by email several times) meaning that you can now get “discovered” in the Gumroad ecosystem simply by having products published.

Similar to Amazon’s feature set in this regard, your ideal audience can find your products, programs, content and courses through Gumroad’s recommendation engine, which appears on emailed receipts, on thank you pages and other places and spaces within the Gumroad infrastructure.

Speaking of Amazon and going insane, please look for a short documentary I will be publishing in December on how to overcome getting fucked by Amazon Prime on your pre-holiday TV purchase.

It’s going to have all of the elements we love in a documentary – compelling characters we care about (me, mostly) a few villains we don’t (Ricardo S. the supervisor in the Amazon San Jose office, mostly) – a football game with heroes (the Eagles) and villains (the Cowboys) – friends who we don’t care about (mine, mostly) who are forced to watch game at local dive bar because (spoiler alert) Amazon prime fucks you with a smile.  (and blames Fed Ex)

Do note – I am using my permitted 3x usage 2015 allotment of the word fucked on this post – and I won’t use it again until 2016, I promise.

I was going to use screwed – or manipulated, or deceived, but in this case, I truly believe that fucked is the only word that will do.

Do also note that the Eagles did win in overtime, which proves again that God hates Texas.

Thank you for reading, and Jeff Bezos – check your email and keep up the good work.

If you want to call I’m free at noon.

For everyone else who is writing and creating and doing good work in the world like me – don’t forget to check out the 6 point template on Gumroad.

The Easiest Way to Start an Affiliate Program

The EASIEST Way to Launch Your Own Affiliate Program (10 Frequently Asked Questions About Starting an Affiliate Program with Gumroad)

As as coach, consultant, teacher, trainer, author, artist, mentor, mindful marketer, PASSION professional or “enlightened” entrepreneur, one of the highest hurdles you will have to overcome is getting qualified traffic to your site, service or offer.  An affiliate program gives you the INSTANT ability to connect with a community of professional peers and offer them the opportunity to get paid for spreading the word about your content, courses and coaching.

In the past……creating an affiliate program was fraught with challenges….often with steep tech learning curves, management migraines and human headaches alike.

Not any more.

The Gumroad affiliate module is an IDEAL way to transform your blog, books, brand, business and bank account…and connect with a community  of enthusiastic entrepreneurs in YOUR niche, market and industry in a mutually beneficial way.

In this short PDF, I outline 10 questions about launching an affiliate program to promote your publishing business, your content…. and cover some basic steps for getting started specifically with Gumroad as well.

There is probably no more magical “meta” marketing strategy than having an enthusiastic, energetic “army” of evangelists driving traffic to your site, service or offer….and if you are on a bootstrap budget, or are not a programming pro, Gumroad’s affiliate module is the perfect solution for You!

I hope this helps on YOUR journey!

Download the PDF on my Gumroad page HERE. 


Free Logos!

Need a new logo but don’t have any money to buy one? Don’t sweat. Or fret. Free design help IS on the way.

DesignRails.Com is a new, cool and creative way to get a free (or low cost) logo for your blog, brand or website. The best part? You can access it immediately and literally go from having no identity, to a pretty damn cool looking logo or letterhead in the amount of time it takes to go from Wilmington, Delaware to Philadelphia by train. (22 minutes for those of you keeping score at home)

And how am I so sure you can get your logo that fast? Because that’s the exact amount of time it took me to generate a brand new spanking logo for a new community about to launch later this week….all while sitting on the train with an aching middle aged back and stale pretzel crumbs all over my board shorts.

Another quick piece of practical advice for those of you with a soft stomach like me?

Don’t eat the Veggie burger on the 9212 mid-day from DC to Philly unless you plan on spending a lot of quality time alone for about 6 hours afterwards.

Not a good investment in the peace and prosperity of the rest of my afternoon.

Just stick to the 3 dollar pepsi’s and the free butter cookies they usually leave in the club car for the conductor and crew.  

They taste a little bit like strangers fingers, but are otherwise pretty good.

But the logo buying process?

Pretty damn cool….especially because the buying part didn’t cost anything. And while we probably won’t use the logo….the intuitive process the software used to generate the end logo was fun to witness, they give you a few totally unique design options to pick from when it’s done, and it actually inspired a few other ideas as a result.

I have no idea how long this is going to be free……(I thought I saw they already were charging, but looks like some launch bugs have kept the service gratis as they iron out the soft spots) but well worth checking out if you need a logo, and were thinking about trying to find a free one on Craigslist. (not a good idea either…….but definitely smarter than the digestive disaster of a veggie burger that Amtrak serves up for lunch)

Check out Design Rails Here and get your identify inspiration in a jif.

Applying art and science to create custom-made, meaningful logos. Within minutes.
For a limited time, get your logo for free.
Learn more

LAUNCHiT For Listbuilders (And The Easiest Way to Get Your First Product Online)

A few quick things well worth checking out if you are still stuck on starting a list.

1- Gumroad, a kick ass marketplace and publishing platform for authors, artists and eclectic content creators, has a great (free) tool called AUDIENCE, which will allow anyone to build a list, create a super simple but great looking landing page, and build an automation/email follow up sequence from scratch.

They allow you to set up workflow triggers (emails based on specific actions your visitors/subscriber/clients take) all without paying a penny as well.

A simple lead generation landing page I created with AUDIENCE in  3 and a half minutes flat.  (only because i was watching Boyz in the Hood in the background.  Spoiler Alert:  Ice Cube gets capped in the end)
A simple lead generation landing page I created with AUDIENCE in 3 and a half minutes flat. (only because i was watching Boyz in the Hood in the background. Spoiler Alert: Ice Cube gets capped in the end)

As a long time Aweber user, now a Mailchimp convert, lover and devotee …… I’m nowhere close to an expert in their tools and technology , but everything seems to be well thought out, and integrates really, really well (obviously), with their own product publishing platform.

(which means it’s designed for following up with people AFTER they’ve bought a product or downloaded a file or you’ve otherwise engaged your community with content…..making the flow feel extremely easy and innately intuitive)

I’ve been playing with Audience off and on for about 4 months or so on some test accounts, and it’s an ideal way to launch a brand new book, course, product or program, especially if you are launching your first list.  (or publishing your first product)

Gumroad is free – and it’s awesome – both as a platform, and a source of evergreen inspiration for folks who want to sell cool stuff and put interesting work out into the world.  (rather than cheesy online marketing types like me, their average creator is more likely to be selling a cool comic, or a fantastic font, or a puzzle, piece of art, or other interesting offer)

And now with AUDIENCE, you can grow a following while building your own store of products, programs, content, courses, coaching or any other style of service you’d love to launch.

2 –   I have a whole bunch of list related stuff to publish in the next few weeks, including how this particular blog template (the one you are looking at right now with my fugly mug at the top of the post, and beneath each article, has literally tripled my daily email subscribers……simply by reverting back to a blog layout I haven’t used since 2012.   (I haven’t even double checked the message that goes out — i’m actually afraid to look, and yet…..strangers keep stopping by and signing up)

So easy – and such a reminder that no matter how many fancy pants designs are out there to make your prose look pretty….at the end of the day, if you want to build a business, and you relish relationships, you’ve got to build a LIST.

And the best way to build a list is to prominently position your face, and a space to sign up, in as many places as possible.

It’s true…even if you haven’t shaved in 2 months, have hippy hair and have to use a 3 year old pic like me)

3- If you’ve worked with me in the past, you probably know I’m a huge fan of building authority style sites.  An authority site is a great way of looking important and inheriting the appearance of expertise, even if you are just getting started yourself.  (if you are the owner of a given site or service, people tend to assume you are a thought leader – or have the marketing moxie to have launched something of your own, which is often enough earn their attention)   Buddypress (the social networking plugin for WP) has always been a great way of doing that, and Buddyboss has just created a really cool integration with Woo Commerce and their LMS plugin, Sensei.

Now you can sell your own courses – while running your own social network in a niche you know – and offer other folks the opportunity to sell their courses as well (on your site) which is a great way of quickly building an ASSET – authority, and an income – simply by taking the initiative to launch it first, yourself.   Highly recommended if you’d like to launch a Udemy style site on a bootstrap budget……I guarantee you there are very few sites doing this well in the niche/market or industry you love.

(And as Ray Ray likes to say, being the first is always a plus.)

4 – Lastly, I set up my own vanity domain( IanHollander.Com) as a marketplace, where I’ll be sharing a ton of my own content on marketing (AND Mindfulness/meditation) with lots and lots of free PDF’s, audio files, product recommendations, LAUNCHiT related services, agency style offers for those who want them, book reviews, and even, if you choose to…..provide a platform for some of my readers, clients and subscribers to sell stuff to my  audience, and earn an income as well.

Check my own new site out here……it’s not 100% complete yet, but I’ve uploaded a few free PDF’s with a lot more to come.  (and it’s also a great framework and model to emulate for setting up your own marketplace store as well.  Don’t steal my home page testimonials though.  I worked hard on earning  those 🙂


A Crash Course in Anything: LaunchiT with Less

Here is a quick thing I wrote for another project that I’m re-publishing here covering a very simple template for quickly and easily creating a new book, product, program, course, curriculum or content of any kind that seems to resonate really well with ( my) readership.

Crash Course In…….Anything

A template for LAUNCHING with less

Think of it as teaching something to ONE person

The focus isn’t on padding the writing, or even writing a book at all, instead, just communicating one central idea with concise clarity and with walk away value for your audience.

Is your ideal audience – he or she who craves information in an area you have experience and expertise – better for having read your book, purchased your product, or consumed your course – or not?

Poetic prose may impress many and entertain some…..but solving a problem, or teaching people something they’ll remember forever is far more important.

A CRASH course template is ideal because it

  1. Communicates conciseness in the very title
  2. It tells people they are getting the KEY ideas and core competences – not flowery fluff
  3. It forces you to keep it simple – to strip away the superfluous, and launch it withe less. (which, as we all know to well, the focus on adding MORE, and the perpetual pursuit of perfection, is what keeps so many from every launching anything at all)
  4. It’s scalable, rinsable and repeatable. You can apply the same crash course concept to just about any individual idea in your niche knowledge or area of expertise – and effectively create copious amounts of content – and teach many individual ideas quickly and consistently, using this single template.
  5. Of course, I could run off a huge list of why you ought to consider this approach if you are trying in vain to write a book, create a course, or produce a product, but in keeping with the spirit of my own strategy, I’m just going to list the steps i’ve been using quite effectively myself, below.

A Crash Course in…….


– Use this area to Communicate the ONE big benefit you hope to offer when the book, product, or course is complete


  • THIS is what it is
  • THIS is who it’s for
  • This is how it will help you
  • This is why you need it
  • This is where to begin
  • This is how to start
  • This is what your life looks like now
  • This is what your life looks like thereafter ……


Core Concepts

The more focused you can get to one central concept per product (be it a book a course or otherwise), the better i’ve found this process to work for ME, and the more I’ve found the audience will appreciate the value they’ve gotten from your work.

Practices, Exercises and Techniques

Specific techniques that can be tried and applied immediately based on the core concepts of the content.

For example, in my mindfulness oriented products that are using this template, a Crash Course in Compassion has 3 very specific meditation techniques used for centuries to cultivate “kindness”, with some of my own personal preferences for increasing the effectiveness of these specific practices for ME.

In my experience using this approach, This is the MOST important part to get “right”.

Everyone consuming the content, whether they like the content or not, can try and apply these exercises on day 1 to test the big promise I’m making.

If I fail to connect the concepts to actionable exercises that cash out the claims I’m making… credibility, and the connection i’m trying to cultivate with a community, will certainly suffer. But, no matter how SHORT the “crash course” is, – if the exercises/practices/techniques work as promised, people tend to be pretty elated they’ve connected with your content.

Q and A

This is a good area to “pad” the book with additional content if you feel the need to add more to it prior to publishing. Q and A are easy to write, accessible and easy to understand, and typically very helpful (and appreciated) by the reader. The first book I ever published on Amazon was entirely Q and A – and was the easiest to write as well.

Make a list of 7, 10 or even 20 things and address common mistakes, misconceptions, misunderstandings and frequently asked questions people have directly related to the core concepts and specific practices covered.

Talk about challenges, obstacles, and ways to overcome them as well. (easy, appreciated and inspiring to folks who need an extra ounce of reassuring before they dive in and do what you recommend)


Create some simple assignments that allow your audience to test your advice in the real world. It’s amazing how adding “homework”, and specific assignments really can add some sort of feeling of taking your content, course, product or program off the page (or pixel) and into the real world in ways that they truly appreciate.

For example – in my “crash course in compassion”, i’m asking my own audience to test the concepts i’m covering, the practices i’m preaching they try, in very specific scenarios in their own lives, to see if it leads to more happiness, better relationships and so forth, and it certainly has done in mine.

Thus far, based on the feedback I’ve gotten, out of about 25 respondents on an advance copy edition, the “homework assignments” were rated as the thing they liked the most. (which made me feel great, as it was the thing i enjoyed writing the most as well)

Finally –

##Additional Resources

Other books, your community or membership site, your blog, your newsletter, your store, your Eharmony profile, your family tree on or whatever else you’d like to share with the world 🙂

There you have it. LaunchiT! with Less.

A crash course in……ANYTHING.

  1. Intro
  2. Core Concepts/Ideas
  3. Exercises/Practices/Techniques
  4. Q and A
  5. Homework Assignments
  6. Additional Resources


Deadlines Detours, Disappointments, “Do- Overs” and Deepak

April 29th – 21 days into the challenge and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. If you are following along by email update here is what has happened thus far.

I was supposed to have my first Mindfulness book published on Amazon on the 15th of April. (2 weeks ago…AHEM. Fail #1)

I wrote it in less than a week (about 5 days of 2000 words a day) using the content cornerstone approach (a master outline that I’ve described and demonstrated in length over the years)

What happened next?

This is sort of where the disappointment, detour and do-over comes into place.

– I asked a few of my current friends and clients to read the just about finished product, and do light editing on my notoriously bad grammar.

Out of 4 people who had access to the pre-published copy – 1 loved it and 3 didn’t.

The problem is, the 1 who loved it was Me.

Day 6

Some random thoughts about where I am in the first 7 days of the 52 week 1 product/program/site or service per week enlightened entrepreneur challenge