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The Anatomy of an Over Worked Artist

There is nothing more perplexing than waking up to email alerting you that there are comments, on comments you don’t remember making. (#9 of 10 good reasons to put your keyboard away after 2am – if appearing sane is high on your totem pole of priorities in the online marketing/web dev universe)

How to Create a Content Marketing Campaign That Gets Results in 10 Simple Steps (Marketing Advice I Gave My Sister)

How to start a content marketing campaign that gets real results in 10 simple steps. (marketing advice I gave my sister 🙂

Here is a 5 minute audio (and 10 step blueprint) for launching a content marketing campaign using a very simple, but sequential process map that works wonderfully well – is super easy to start – is ideal for “testing” a niche, idea or audience, and can be done largely for free as well.

This works REALLY well for authors, teacher and information marketers (my audience these days) but also works really well for building AUTHORITY sites with creative content that genuinely helps people get answers to their problems. (or get answers to things they really want to know in a local geography – in a niche – in an industry, etc)

Many of the people on my own list (and some of you reading this very post) have “joined” my community by dint of this exact sequence. (many of you saw a video on youtube for example, clicked on the link in the description, landed on my site, signed up for my list – and now, here we are!)

If you have any questions – feel free to ask! 🙂

Step 1. do answer the public research (
Step 2. download a list of keywords (CSV or image)
step 3. add them as Q and A to your site (using
step 4. record videos answering them in a structured series (21 questions answered about X in 21 days in 2 minutes or less)
step 5. post videos on your site
step 6. post videos on yourtube (changing titles for SEO benefits)
step 7. send traffic to a pre-launch page (if an author, coach consultant – this is mandatory)
step 8. ask your new list to ask more questions (re-purposing PEOPLE, back to your site, to engage with the Q and A elements you created in step 3)
step 9. ask what they most want to know (what is their #1 Challenge), how hard they’ve looked, and how much longer are they willing to wait to get an answer (helps identify urgency in your audience – if it’s not there – it’s not there – great for testing niche ideas as well)
step 10. create a product, program, course, coaching, site or service something that helps them, heals them, pops pains, makes them better
Step 11. Repeat.

The Easiest Way to Sell Online Marketing Services in Your Local Community

Step 1. Watch this video.

Step 2. Re-watch this video 🙂

I don’t know why some people “didn’t like” this video. (i also got some pushback, I remember, via email when I posted it)

Whether or not my presentation was off or not – the truth is, this is the absolute EASIEST way to make money selling web services, in your local community – FULL stop. (it’s also the easiest way to make money with a NICHE community as well – as I’m now doing everyday in the mindfulness market, using the exact same approach)

Here it is:

A. Identify blogs, websites, or online “branding” that is empirically, OBJECTIVELY bad.
B. Offer to improve them.
C. If you own an authority site, a directory, a web community or a high visibility blog in your niche, marketplace or local geographical area, obviously this makes the above even EASIER. (but it’s pretty easy as it is)

Again – if you see a restaurant that has a MENU for a webpage, and that menu is a big ole pixelated .JPG, you can be pretty confident that you can OBJECTIVELY improve their home page, or their entire website, by dint of just giving them something better than a .JPG for a home page!

And, like I demonstrate in the video above, if you see a web development company in the Ukraine – who is selling templates to a US based audience, and is struggling with wording their offers in a coherent way, you can OBJECTIVELY offer them content or copy writing services that are better than what they have right now. (much the way if I were writing copy for a Ukrainian audience, it’s fair to say, a Ukrainian copywriter would be the very FIRST professional I’d seek out if sales were a priority 🙂

I call this approach, the Strategy of Straight lines – “Set Up’s” (after the great Jay Abraham, a true marketing genius who was doing this 30 years ago) – or even, smart, brute force “guerrilla marketing” – as it’s going out into the wild, finding good businesses who need what you know, and simply offering it to them in a way where everyone wins.

I do this stuff all the time as well – it’s not that I just recommend it – I actively look for people I can connect with, partner with and empirically HELP by virtue of my own strengths – and build relationships that are mutually beneficial as a result.

So start here.

Do the MAD lib exercise I recommended yesterday:

“People in my industry SUCK at X – but if they only knew/have/learned Y like me, they’d have all the Z they’ll ever need”

Then – go out and search people in your niche who need all that Z – and start reaching out. That simple. You WILL make sales and build relationships and change your business….starting the moment you start, I promise.

This is Why You Are Wasting Your Life

I’m a sucker for a good inspirational speech on a cold and rainy November afternoon – and while the soundtrack gets on my nerves a bit, this one is well worth the 5 minutes. (While I’m not a huge fan of everything Jordan Peterson has to say about the world in general, I love the call to “Speak your Being Forward” – and much of the message in this rings true to me as well.

Strategy Structure Sequence and Story (A Simple Hack for Mind Mapping Your Blog, Brand and Business)

  1. Strategy.  What’s the big idea?
  2. Structure.  What goes where and why?
  3. Sequence.  What goes WHEN and why?
  4. Story.  Why it matters to you.  (and why it ought to matter to everyone else, too)

Audio coming on this tomorrow.  I find that this is the one business “hack” we can all do that lends itself to fierce focus and conscience clarity.

What is it that you really want to do?  What the big idea?  What does it look like for you and how does it land in your life?

What do the constituent parts look like together?  How doe they connect?  Where do they connect?  What does it look like 100 feet off the ground, when you have the benefit of distance?

What goes when…and why?   Does timing matter?  (it usually does)  If yes…..what does it look like – step by step, as it unfolds, and each lever gets pulled.  Sometimes sequence is baked into the process.  (you can’t send a welcome email, or a launch sequence, until someone signs up for your list – so there is a clear physics to some of this.  but other stuff, you have to figure out on your own, and assign a priority of place based on more subjective measures.  This is super important – and where I personally, have historically made some poor choices that come back to  bite me in the rear end)

Story.  Why this?  Why now?  What makes this important to you….and to the rest of us?  Why does this problem need to be solved?  Why are YOU the person who needs to solve it?  A good manifesto can be a great way of articulating a story.  A great clarion call to passion, and purpose and magic and momentum can turn a mediocre idea – into a movement as well.  (so whatever your story is – tell it well)

If you are building something now, try to filter it through the strategy, structure, sequence, story process. See how it looks on paper.  I find it really helps me – and i’d be surprised if it didn’t help you, too 🙂




Niche and Need

Here is a super simple exercise for picking a niche and approaching them with honest, useful, necessary and “needed” online agency style services that will transform their businesses, predicated on a real genuine “hole” in their brand.

I’ve covered this idea in some other places in more detail (including the “set up” series of videos and audios) but i’ll be recording a few new wrinkles on this over the next day or so – so if you’re interested in listening to a few extra short thoughts on this process – check back for that soon.

Download the PDF here – and this is very simple stuff – but super clarifying and really useful for identifying things you can do today, that will help your clients tomorrow – in a genuine way.

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