How am I Going to Market, What I’ve Paid Money to Build? Answering Questions on Re-launching a Digital Media Brand (Audio Consultation + PDF Download)

Step 1. Listen to the audio

Step 2.  Download the PDF checklist I put together for re-launching this directory as a digital media brand

Step 3.  Think about some of the areas you may do things differently.  In this call – you’ll hear that there can be real differences in opinion, and entrepreneurial intuition – on how to best re-launch a new brand with speed, strength, energy and enthusiasm.  (I favor the lean launch/minimum viable product launch ethos with lots of optimization, iteration, tweaks, critiques and constant conversion oriented improvement – whereas this previous client – and now friend – favors a much less effortful…..”let’s grow slowly” approach.

Note – these guys have invested over 10K in web development costs in launching this project -which is also something I strongly eschew – which is why I am so forceful in feeling that if you have passion and a sense of purpose about the project – the most important metric that matters – is marketing – and execution.

Want to jump on the phone together to discuss how to maximize your profits on your project?  Schedule a call – or drop me an email – and let me know how I can help!





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