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What Is Your Mission?

What is your #Mission? Do you have an inspiring, helpful, hopeful message to share with the world? If you’ve ever dreamt of writing a book, sharing your story, building a movement, or creating the CHANGE in the world you’d love to see, putting your #published words out into the world is the exciting way to make it happen….and in a hurry!

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7 Steps to Launching a Micro Directory Business That Makes Real Money πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° (Finding Flow Through FINITE Focus & Tiny Profitable Projects That Can’t Really Fail)

This is a strategy I’m playing with on a partner project for the latter part of this month through 2018 – where we are literally going to have teenagers (the kids of some of my partners) build super small, super specific, super local “micro directories” with the goal of both selling low cost (10-20 a month) fee based listings and 1-2 high end clients, per project – per year. This is a strategy of scale (think small, but series or scale!) approach – and you’re not likely to get rich on any one site – but it’s the ease and the fierce (and finite) focus – that makes this appealing.

Quick update/NOTE: This is NOT where i’m personally focusing most of my time though and am doing my best to stay only tangentially involved. My passion project is below.

I’d also like to invite everyone in THIS small community, to take part in a live 30 day challenge I’m hosting with some other super smart folks in the self publishing space – it’s free – we’ve done some calls that many people seem to have really liked already – so check that out below. (plus we’re hiring – and paying big referral fees to partners, too ($1000 +) so get in touch if that’s a good fit for you!

How to Build Your Author Platform, Content Community or Online Authority (an Education Marketing “Hack” That Works Like Magic)

In this audio from “The Inspired Author” 30 Day Challenge, Sharon and I discuss how to leverage a very specific education content marketing model to build your platform, and the experience of exepertise (and authority) in just about any niche, market or vertical under the sun.

As this is mostly being done for aspiring authors, teachers, and trainers, we really focus here on platform building for these professions.

But – the real truth is, this exact model works wonderfully well for just about any (and every) project or community one may aspire to build – and I do cover this a wee bit later in the call as well. (with a slight nod to the folks who are going to hear this as part of “authority site” community, too πŸ™‚

Forgive the fact that I sound like i’m under water in this audio – Sharon sounds great – but my audio quality is a bit muffled at times. Do know though – that my points were made very clearly. (just kidding πŸ˜‰

Also – i’ll be sending out an invite to many of you to join this community – we are a day or two behind in announcements (a problem with people and personalities – rather than the end product I’m hoping to deliver!) – and we’ll have a really generous affiliate program for some of our premium PLATFORM building author marketing services as well. (will notify all of that, too!)

Thanks πŸ™‚

Sad News About a New Friend

There haven’t been many people that i’ve written often about on this blog – but a few times, over the last few months, I’ve written about Robert Rabbin.

I didn’t know him well (or really much at all). I wrote to Robert after listening to one of his great interviews, and reading a few chapters from a few of his books, and Β ended up chatting with him a bit on Facebook about Mindfulness, living authentically, and doing great work in the world.

(we even had a strange serendipitous moment when a random member of a private FB group we both belong to – shared her favorite quotes from one of his recent books – and it was the exact set of words i had written down myself, on my IPHONE, while on a late night (slow) run through town, roughly the same time the night before)

I’m super sad to learn that Robert Rabbin passed away over the last few days. He seemed healthy and wise.

Vital and strong.

Alive and awake.

Playful and profound – and without the usual pretense that burdens many who write about finding magic and meaning in the world.

I didn’t know Robert at all – and yet, the little bit I did know – mostly his words and his work – and his personal warmth, in some strange way, has left a lasting mark.

Robert joined our beta list for a month or two ago – and i never got around to processing his membership request. I just checked what he shared on the little “why do you want to join” page – and not surprisingly, he had much more to say than most πŸ™‚

RIP Robert. You will be missed – but your words will continue to inspire.

Doing Work On Purpose

“All day long I have exciting ideas and thoughts. Β But I take up in my work only those to which my dreams direct me” – C.G. Jung “Memories Dreams Reflections”

This feels like a pretty solid plan to me πŸ™‚

How to Buy a Shopify Site (Series)

Shopify is a great platform for developing E-commerce sites of all types – from T-shirts, to music, coffee, clothing, beautiful artwork and beyond, if you can conceptualize it, you can sell it on Shopify.

One of the best things about Shopify for online marketers and entrepreneurs who want to buy a “done for you” business is their recent launch of the Shopify Exchange, where you can discover amazing shops for sale in just about every niche, market and industry under the sun.

Sometimes you can get an AMAZING deal on the exchange – but sometimes, you can get royally screwed as well. (i had a reader tell me a horror story a few weeks ago that was totally avoidable – but if you don’t know what you’re looking for (as many of us don’t – myself included at times) – it’s easy to become seduced by phenomenal numbers that are true, but are designed to deceive. (e.g. – a drop shipping store spending 20K a month on advertising, selling 20K a month in product, losing money on the transactions, but building the “appearance of authority” by posting gaudy numbers, willing to lose a a few thousand dollars a month for a few months, and then selling the store for a multiple far exceeding what the store is REALLY worth – once the paid ads are paused)

Here are some good resources for those of you looking at Shopify as a platform for you brand, blog, business and store. (Flippa’s dedicated page for Shopify stores for sale) (the aforementioned Shopify exchange – still my favorite place to find stores for sale with the simple caveat – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is) ( a great way of finding the best of the best Aliexpress products to drop ship for your own store. Carefully curated products – and a kick ass design that I love. Use this with the OBERLO app to curate high quality products on your Shopify store and get a great jumpstart on building a niche shop that you can mix and match your own stuff – with curated stuff – or vendor recommended stuff (using an affiliate or marketplace app) for a killer combo. There are some great oberlo powered stores for sale out there. Some are super appealing (the ones that have good natural search traffic on drop shipped products specifically – they are out there – and can be a huge headstart. But, based on my own very limited experience, be careful with OBERLO only stores – as they are a bit risky for my blood. (to buy – not to build. I’d rather use Thieve and Oberlo together, and start from scratch)

Lastly, as above, just build your OWN Shopify store, rather than buying one. I had a ton of fun with a great T-shirt side hustle biz I built last year for fun ( with funny, obscene Jewish Tee shirts to make my friends and family laugh) – and actually had one of the ads shared in a few different high profile spots – and one of my updates made it to the comments section of Rachel Maddow’s blog – which was a fun day to watch our analytics)

We’re also building a piece of MindfulMarketPlace.Com on Shopify – so I’ll post that here as well when it’s live.