21 Day Content Marketing Makeover


Turn strangers into subscribers and subscribers into sales


ian hollander……leap frog the learning curve and learn how to create killer content that coverts like crazy!

A SUPER simple, easy to implement 6 step success system that will teach you how to turn your IDEAS into income…….your content into a community and your PASSION into profit – no gimmicks, no gadgets, no goofiness and no gurus required.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is struggling to make money (or momentum) with their content marketing campaigns.

Absolutely ANYONE who struggles to find the right words…..and who recognizes that content, creativity and CONVERSATION are the critical keys to conversion…..and is ready, willing and able to invest 21 days to make magical momentum happen.…and make it happen in a hurry.

As a matter of fact……..

ALL Enlightened Entrepreneurs and people of PASSION on a shoe string budget……who crave FREE traffic and easy to implement ideas that don’t require lots of heavy lifting to launch.

If you are struggling to put the right pieces of the puzzle in place, and can’t seem to get your content to convert, over the course of 21 days…..we are going to radically re-invent the marketing message you are putting out into the world.

Simply stated –

This is designed to be a HYPER FAST, super streamlined and intimately interactive content marketing makeover .….both a crash course and collaboration –  where you and I will interact to tweak, test, optimize and improve every single important piece, and process as we start a brand new content marketing campaign.

If there is one thing in the world I do WELL……it’s creating content that entertains, excites, informs and inspires, and I can teach that skill to YOU.

Over the course of 21 days,  we will create – and you will have –  the firm foundation of the 6 “C’s” that I believe every direct marketer or online entrepreneur needs to succeed:

  1. Content
  2. Character
  3. Community
  4. Conversation
  5. Curriculum
  6. Conversion

    Week 1 – we’ll create your character and content

  • Week 2 -we’ll create your community/conversation

  • week 3 -we’ll create your curriculum/conversion

………And at the end of 21 days – if you are willing to apply the simple steps – you’ll have everything you NEED to build a valuable, viable and enduring business that is set UP to succeed from day 1.

No tricks, no gimmicks, no gurus and no goofiness.

This is the exact “Strategy of Straight Lines” system I described and documented in detail in my recent Amazon book, that I used to personally generate well north of 4 million new readers from 1 article directory ALONE.….and 100% from SCRATCH on a “bare bones” budget…….in a panopole of pen names and to promote a plethora of products with 100% free traffic…….and it works in just about every single niche, market or industry under the sun.

The truth is, ALL you need to succeed right now is simple:

  • Articles
  • Opt In’s
  • Offers

If you can write articles……and create a simple “OPT IN” page…….and can organize, optimize & codify your content into a curriculum…..

…..You CAN make a living doing what you LOVE.  Period.

And if you can’t do any of the above 3 steps right now……after 21 days with me, you will!

Here is what the 21 day Content Marketing Makeover has been designed to accomplish:

– Optimize, enhance and improve your content so that it is fine tuned to convert like crazy….not only NOW, but long after the 21 days are done  (I get traffic everyday on autopilot…..24 hours a day, from articles I wrote YEARS ago……and content campaigns I’ve long forgotten about to boot!)

– Begin the process of building your COMMUNITY……the LIFEBLOOD of any viable online business is relationships, and you NEED (and will have) your own list of subscribers, fans, friends and followers…… eager to absorb your experience and emulate your expertise in a niche, market or area or life you love.

– Learn how to create an automated follow up conversation with your community that excites, entertains and INSPIRES them to action

Learn the absolute FASTEST way to codify your content into a CORNERSTONE – and then a Curriculum you can teach, preach and offer to move your subscribers into sales, and your community into CLIENTS (and cash!)  – (note:  a curriculum is just a fancy pants way of saying you’ll have a product or service to SELL, allowing you to monetize your market and profit from this process as quickly as possible)

And of course…..you’ll have the simple sequence of steps that makes 80% of this work on autopilot…….a true plug and play way to build your business without bruising your brain or sapping your spirit (work less, accomplish more and earn what you are truly worth)

Here is what you NEED to succeed….and what I require to participate, in order to ensure I can deliver what I promise:

  1. You must be willing and ready to create CONTENT that we can TOGETHER tweak, test, optimize and improve to guarantee
    your audience grows
  2. You must Be willing and ready to create a simple newsletter or list sign up page which we’ll use to build your community (I can help you with this step)
  3. You must be willing and ready to create an email conversation with your list to convert your community into clients naturally, ethically and without slimy and sleazy sales letters. (i never use them…and they make me cringe)
  4. You must be willing to get ferociously focused on building your brand, your blog, your business and your bank account starting right now.

This is fully interactive, private and is NOT some large group coaching club sort of offer.

Instead, it’s you and I – on the phone  ( 1 30 minute call per week) – via email – and recorded instruction – working on YOUR content, your community, your curriculum and YOUR business in a smart and strategic way.

Is this for YOU?

Good question 🙂

article marketing tipsIf you haven’t already, I urge you to check out my content marketing “manifesto” on Amazon, which details and documents some of the cacaphony of creative ways ANYONE can use content marketing to build an online business.

For less the price of a cup of coffee.…..you can get a great grasp on what it took me YEARS to learn, and at the same time, get a better grasp on whether you think my approach and this opportunity is a good fit for YOU.

(I’d also recommend you check out all of the 100% free downloads available on THIS PAGE which over the last year almost 10 thousand other bloggers and article marketers have downloaded as of today 🙂

Want to learn how to get started?[zilla_alert style=”red”] Cost for the complete content marketing makeover is $397.00….and includes ONE simple guarantee: If you are a content marketer – relationship marketer – teacher, trainer, marketer, mentor, coach, consultant, PASSION professional or enlightened entrepreneur who counts on converting CONTENT into cash to fuel your business – if your conversion don’t DOUBLE in 21 days – I will either give you another 21 for FREE – or give your money back in full. Your choice. Period.[/zilla_alert]

And in 3 short weeks from today…….

you WILL have a simple, fun, automated and exciting business built around the 2 things that NEVER go out of style:

  1. Great Content.
  2. And doing what You LOVE for a Living.

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