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If you are used to selling affiliate products with Woocommerce, you know that it’s super easy to incorporate “external links” (outside products) on your store. You simply set the product type to “external”, add your affiliate (or any) URL, and you’re good to go! This makes recommending people/products/events or otherwise SUPER easy on your store and makes earning affiliate commissions, setting up JV deals and otherwise, a breeze as well. (this is uniquely true for those of us looking to build affiliate oriented MARKETPLACE style sites using themes that are powered by Woocommerce, as i’ve covered in other videos)

Many of my own readers, are starting to use SHOPIFY – which is a phenomenal ECOMMERCE platform used by many of the top brands in the world – and many of the top online stores as well.

The problem for me? Shopify has totally ignored the “external product” type as default in their framework – making code and template hacks the only way to refer people/products or programs possible – OR – having to buy some expensive “marketplace” style APP’s that are often wonky and have bad reviews. OR – they want you to set up a dropshipping style store – which is great in theory – and can help you post gaudy sales numbers – but really isn’t that profitable for 98% of the people who try this approach.

(it’s sort of like the MLM industry meets online commerce – and who wants more people selling us essential oils, skin products or other spammy silliness online)

All of that is to say – OUTLINK – is a great, simple and affordable app that allows you to build a true bespoke marketplace on Shopify – with carefully curated people/products and programs you really CAN recommend. Check it out below.

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