How much would you pay for this Shopify store? Is it worth 1,000,0000? What can we learn from a store that did 500K in sales in May of 2017, and then did 19K in July? How did they get hundreds of thousands of visits in May, and then….barely a few thousand, several months later?

Is there anything we can learn from this little bit of information, OTHER than we’d be nuts to spend our the spare change (985K) in our coin drawer on a magical, but utterly mysterious Shopify store for sale?

In this short series on building a profitable Shopify store from scratch, one of the things I’m learning myself, in also looking to buy something on the exchange (the shopify marketplace of sites for sale) is that it’s fairly mysterious why so many 7 figure stores had such HUGE months, and then a rapid drop thereafter in both sales and traffic – UNLESS, this is by design.

(in other words, create the appearance of a massive store with paid traffic campaigns that break even, or even lose money, and then FLIP or sell the shopify store for a huge profit, on the appearance of authority or brand awareness.)

I’m going to be looking at some more of these analogs in the coming days, as we build a shopify store (and course) on – so leave us a comment on FB, or join us there to c connect with our community of enlightened entrepreneurs.