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Ever wonder what goes into a viral TEDx talk? Ever wonder what TED speakers deal with BEFORE the big event? What differentiates a really GOOD TEDx talk, from a bad one? How do you select your topic? How do you apply for TEDx? Do speakers get nervous? Do presenters get PAID to speak at TED? How does a TED talk translate into brand awareness, book sales, and additional revenue?

A few days ago, I spent a few hours on the phone with Sharon Livingston, who shares her unique, inspiring and eccentric path to TEDx, including what happened behind the scenes, in one of the most VIRAL TEDx talks of the year. (over 270 THOUSAND views as of today, and thousands of comments from the community, on the video as well)

Sharon shares her experience as only she can…..with wit, wisdom and wonder. (and as always, with offbeat insights you won’t hear from anyone else 🙂

Sharon and I will be leading a self publishing challenge for aspiring authors, artists, change makers and enlightened entrepreneurs next week (as part of the mindfulmarketplace.com community launch) so please sign up to get notified when that’s open, HERE. (you’ll also get the whole 90 minute audio of our conversation – we covered TEDx, marketing, psychic mediums, living an authentic life and the value of trust, transparency and vulnerability, in connecting with our communities, as well)

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