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First – a quick disclaimer:

I’m NOT a Shopify expert – and so there is much I have to learn about their network, their platform and the Shopify Exchange for selling a store, if that’s your goal for reading this series of posts (and videos) on building assets (and flipping sites) on Shopify.

That said, one of the most obvious ways to increase the value of your store, is to add a premium theme. There are some amazing Shopify themes in the premium marketplace, that add pretty obvious aesthetic value to the appearance of your store. You can also include that in the “value proposition” as an “asset” as well (as a design asset, or investment, at the very least) – and folks who DO know how to tell the difference between a “free” theme, and a premium one, will recognize that right away.

Shopify themes ARE in fact significantly more expensive when you buy direct from their platform. (or theme marketplace)

You CAN get a much better deal by searching around the web for independent shops. Themeforest, is a great place to buy a great PREMIUM shopify theme for $60 or less.

(the first one I bought was “Seiko” way back in the fall of 2016, and for $59 – proved to be a very wise investment for my purposes as well)

Most themes on the Shopify marketplace are $140 and up, which does in fact, offer some sticker shock to those of us who are used to super inexpensive, but high quality WP themes – which generally run at half of that, or less.

My favorite themes right now? I love the Editorial theme (the agency version) and some of PixelUnion’s themes are also very high class – and should make “flipping” your site much easier, for a multiple of what you pay for the premium design.

I’m going to do a live case study of a Shopify asset build in the T-shirt/apparel niche – using a premium theme mentioned above – and some other simple tweaks, run some FB ads, make some sales, and see what sort of multiple I can get, and in how short a time.

Lots more videos coming – so stay tuned.

In the meantime, for those of you interested in a 14 day Shopify Free Trial, you can grab one here.

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