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Start a web directory business in 5 simple (scalable) steps….without gimmicks, gurus, gadgets and any goofiness at all.

It continues to surprise me how many folks want to build a web directory business, but get wrapped around the axel of the smallest details, in trying to get their business off the ground.

Here is a quick hint:

There is no magical wordpress theme that is PERFECT for launching a web directory…..full stop.

Every theme and framework has some sort of limitation, or some thing (or things) i’d love to be improved, enhanced or completely re-worked. (if only I was smart enough to do it on my own, which clearly, I’m not)

For right now – I’m favoring the Vantage 4.0 theme for a whole slew of reasons, mostly because it’s the simplest framework to scale, very quickly – with the least amount of mess,stress and hidden headaches.

We DO have a proprietary web directory theme being built for a new project (mindfulmarketplace.com) but most of that project is piggybacking off of the amazing mightynetworks community/app.

Remember, one of the key questions is, what can I borrow to build?  What can I leverage to launch?  Never try to build something yourself to launch something new….when other folks have most likely, built 90% of what you need, and you can bootstrap it on a limited budget, without wasting time, energy or income on the one piece (the tech) that ultimately matters least.  (even though we all think it’s what matters most)

Here are the 5 steps to launching a directory from scratch.

You CAN be earning money in a week using this method – you won’t get rich in 10 days – but you’ll prove out your project – get folks interested in you and your passion/professional purpose/expertise – and you CAN sell back end services using this model in rapid fire turn around time, which is the fastest way to earn a great income using the directory model as well.

Have questions?  Want to build something special in 2017?  Need a small team of virtual assistants or marketing help building something great?

Connect with me on Twitter, or by email and I’m happy to help!



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