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One of the very best ways to monetize an “authority” site is to build it with the intention of selling it shortly thereafter.

This traditionally works best with hyper local sites of different types – for example, a hyper local niche directory obviously has value to someone in that niche/market or industry, when the site starts to get traffic from folks looking to buy/visit or patronize the type of businesses you list on your site.

(e.g. – a directory, with reviews of sushi restaurants in xyz city may have 100 listings – but it only really requires that you get traffic for a handful of them, to make that directory super valuable to any of the 100)

What many people don’t realize, is that buying and selling sites on dedicated ecommerce platforms like Shopify, can be an amazingly easy way to dip your toe into this space, and really requires very little to “flip” a site for a good profit.

(I’d recommend a great looking premium Shopify theme + a good domain name, a week or two’s worth of content, and if you are ambitious and smart, an app like “Oberlo” to populate your store with tons of offers, to test this approach on your first project or two)

Check out some of the common features of the high(er) dollar shopify stores available for sale on their marketplace here.

(and also notice what’s less appealing as well from a price perspective, especially the folks who didn’t even want to invest in their own domain name!)


SurvivalGearStock.com is an easy to manage dropship Shopify store. This turnkey, revenue ready dropshipping store is an absolutely perfect for any entrepreneur looking to make profits online.

The Business Model:

SurvivalGearStock.com is a dropship store, which means we do not hold inventory. We receive orders, the order is automatically forwarded to the supplier and we just need to cover the product cost for the order to be shipped to the customer. Dropshipping is hands down the easiest way to do business online, with many entrepreneurs dropshipping while continuing full time work, as the time requirements are a lot lower than traditional eCommerce.

The Margins:

This store has been created with profitability at the forefront of thinking, meaning that unit generates a minimum 66% profit margin. Some products generate as high as 80% profit margins.

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