One word meditation.

What would be your one word?

A single sound.

Repeat a mantra.

Or let an inspired idea become the fierce focus of your mental chatter.

I’ve been playing with this idea over the last few weeks, trying to put together a practice that allows me to focus on a single thing, and bind it to my body, and burn in into my brain.

It’s born of the “One Word” idea and ethos. (a book I haven’t read – but a bunch of folks in a FB group I belong to – have wholeheartedly recommended)

Only I’ve made it a meditation.  Just because that’s how I roll.

It’s amazing how much clarity it gives me.

  1. I just pick a word I want to embody.
  2. I pick a quality I want to exemplify.
  3. I pick a word I want to explore.

And for a period of time, I examine it, repeat it, let it reveal itself, and watch what arises.

Sometimes, what it says, will alarm you.

What it reveals, will surprise you.

Where it leads, will inspire you.

Try it.

Start with a quality you’d like to cultivate in your life, in your work, and in yourself.

And just repeat it, like a mantra, quietly in your mind.

I use some hand movements too (mudras, in meditation-speak) because i find it makes it easier to absorb, and embody my word.

It’s quite a liberating practice – and always leaves me feeling more clear on my mission, and what it is I’m here to do in the world.

In challenging times like these, more clarity is better than less.

(and one word, at least for me, is better than many)