How long should you make your video lesson?

Teaching a course? Leading a class? Trying to turn your passion and purpose into a profitable business with video? One of the really interesting things I’ve learned about my own videos over the last 6 months, especially those on Youtube – is how people tend to DISLIKE my stuff, the longer it it runs.

I have a pretty bad case of ADD and a pretty hardcore caffeine addiction, which means, i typically start slow and only really ramp up my associative, overactive and coffee addled informative videos 3 or 4 minutes after most folks have hit snooze, tuned out, or leaned on the “dislike” button on youtube.

Which is to say – if you’re tuning me out 4 minutes in – you are missing out on my best material. Your loss. Ce la vi. Go phillies, and who needs you?

Of course, for those of you who care a bit more about connecting with your online audience than I do – (I’m just kidding. I do really care. Each dislike is like another 3 months of therapy. My shrink loves you) – keeping your shit SHORT, is super important, and is on my really long list of things to change about myself in 2018.

Check out a pretty informative graphic on the ideal length for a video lesson below – there are many analogs to this data, and most real research shows that we all kill our conversions – and our conversation – and the connection to our communities – when we erroneously believe, more is more. (it’s not. Unless we are talking about those little swedish fish candies, where more is really more. Everywhere else, keep is short, silly – and stop running on like I am here.

This article was effectively over 3 paragraphs up – and yet, here we still are, together – wondering what happened to our lives.

That’s why we like each other – you and I – we are just 2 lost souls swimming in a fish bowl – year after year. Another example of a piece of timeless art that is the perfect length, and under 4 minutes.

Okay. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Just click on the link below. There is nothing more here to read. You are making me nervous.

Infographic: Just How Long Should Your Business Video Be?