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If you are one of those folks who likes to complain about a lack of innovative, inspiring and exciting wordpress directory themes to build your next Yelp like community…..you either aren’t paying attention to some of the amazing improvements this space has experienced over the last 6 months….or you just like to complain 🙂

I hate writing about directory themes. I really do. Sometimes I think doing this with my work day is analogous to Hemingway writing Walmart product descriptions for 3 dollars an hour, when he could have been writing “Old Man by the Sea Part Duex”.

For those of you who lose the plot easily – in this example, I would be Hemingway. And directory themes would be like Walmart. And the time machine would be the plot twist no one saw coming.

Anyway, there are some super awesome directory themes available that truly empower everyone who wants to build a viable, valuable and enduring business using the “authority” site marketing model incredibly easy. There are still themes like Listify that are constantly getting better even years after they hit the market. Other antiquated frameworks like Vantage have been re-worked and re-written for a more modern audience, and are super easy to launch and scale, EVEN if you have no tech skills at all – e.g. – dummies like me.

There are innovative products like Listingpro and now lISTGO (or is it List and go? – who knows?) – which is yet another amazing addition to the WordPress directory theme space.

Check it out in the video above – and I apologize for some of the video tech issues – i’m away from home (thanks, Irma~!)_ and I had to steal a computer to record this on from one of my grandpop’s neighbors in his assisted living facility. (i had to work hard to find an unlocked door with an IMAC, but persistence pays off, baby!)

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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