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Q: What is the easiest way to get new clients? It’s set up’s silly!

What are set ups exactly?

Niche and need.

Businesses, clients and customers who are in your niche, and who have a need.

More broadly, it’s the simple, step by step process of identifying your ideal audience, discovering what they need, lack or are missing, and ethically approaching them with customized (but templatized) offers and opportunities to enhance their exposure and appearance of authority or expertise, by working with you or your team.

Web directories, as we’ve covered many times in the past, are a great way of giving yourself the appearance of authority, BEFORE you approach this audience, as you can show them you own something in the niche/market/industry or vertical that has empirical value from jump. (and if mature, can benefit them immediately to boot – e.g. – a popular local site, if they know of it already, and you approach them as the representative of that site or community, obviously you are going to be far more receptive than a “cold” email or call from a stranger.

Anyway, this video covers some of this in more detail, so if the idea resonates, watch and enjoy.

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