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I can’t believe I’m about to review another WordPress directory theme. I sort of feel like Al Pacino in Godfather 3. (or was it 4?) I can’t remember. But everytime I think I’m out……they pull me back in.

That much I’m sure of. City2 is a brand new WordPress theme – the next evolution of the very interesting but somewhat unknown “City” theme that does some super cool things, and has some fabulous features, that can transform your local directory into an autopilot earning marketing machine. Does that sound too over the top? I’ve had one cup of coffee too many….so it very well may be.

But in this 20 minute video (which is probably 12 minutes longer than it needs to be) I cover some of what I lOVE about City2, and some reasons why you might not want to dive in too deeply on this theme – if you are scaling your directory business and looking for one theme/framework for many projects.

If you are an online marketing professional and want to build a hyper profitable business using directories, I’d recommend checking out this free course – where you’ll find many marketing maps, blueprints, downloads and videos on building bUZZ for your brand, business and bank account, using low costs wordpress directories.


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