Here is a short audio I recorded earlier today that is part of a series for our mindfulmarketplace community which we’ve built a few thousand subscribers for over the last month or so – and I’m super stoked for – and is the culmination of lots of time, effort and energy over the last 6 months. (it’s a bit of a lateral move from “” which we’ll also be integrating into this in a new and fresh way as well)

But our focus here is writers, and teachers, and content creators in the “mindfulness” based niches – and this short audio covers one of the common challenges many of these folks face, when trying to create something new. (the pursuit of perfection, rather than just creating something good enough, to change lives)

Below are the notes for the recording as well – I didn’t get all of the concepts out within the 5 minute mandate – but I did manage to cover the ones below.

If you are a teacher or personal growth trainer, or something in the self help space, who wants to change lives with your work and your words – shoot me an email, and i’ll send you a beta invite to our new community – and answer any questions you may have, as well. (or at least the ones i’m qualified to answer, which I’m finding these days, is a more narrow window than i’d care to admit 🙂

teach don’t write (this is for authors – and coaches – and passionate procrastinators – TEACH something – rather than “write something”)
teach 1 thing – fierce focus
teach 1 thing at a time (ignore the urge to overwhelm, impress, data dump your niche knowelge or embellish your experience or expertise in one tome)
start smallest thing you can (1 checklist – 1 recipe – 1 technique – i challenge – the easiest way to get momentum is to get one thing done – minimum viable – max valuable)
dumb it down – say it simply. pretty prose isn’t the path – even if you’re a poet like me 😉 say it simple. say it with sincerity. pop pains. heal hurts. make people better.
think small, but scale (or series)the pursuit of perfection is the enemy of achievement
BEGIN with the win (smallest thing possible bullet point ) tiny wins – start at the end – you are happy, healthy, fearless and free – you are sitting on your porch – with a warm glass of x – and life is good.
launch it with less: the outline – books, blogs, content, courses even coaching – GETRMT example – 1 core life changing coaching exercise is far better than 10 mediocre ones)
Core concept and a challenge

map your mountain. And focus your feet on getting there. mountain (are you getting closer – or further away – the day you lost your freedom – adn the magic of mountains) do this now – WRITE down your mountain – what it looks like – where is it – and is what you are doing, right now, helping you get closer to that place or space…….yes or no?