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The 1 Minute Manifesto


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A Manifesto can be one of the absolute best ways to crystalize your entrepreneurial goals and get incredibly inspired, magically motivated and connect with a community of your professional peers (or niche neighbors) who feel the same way. This is my “1 minute manifesto” process for quickly and easily creating a short call to arms that gets my ideal audience to metaphorically raise their hands and say……”I’m in!”

The 3 step process is:

1. Pick a fight with how things are
2. Propose a novel (or revolutionary) solution
3. Challenge people to be part of the change that is necessary to go, grow and flow in the direction of your destiny.

NOTE: Please ignore the scrolling word salad on the video – the folks behind this app are doing amazing things…..but transcribing words properly isn’t, at this point, one of them!

Have you written a manifesto for YOUR blog, brand or business? Share it in the community comments below – or inbox us for some simple tips, and tricks for getting it done!

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