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NOTE:  I’m pasting this in from my workflowy outline – please excuse the typo’s!  (they weren’t meant for public viewing 🙂

–> WIN: You have a directory, a monetization model and a strategy to scale
CORE CONCEPT: Authority Site = Agency Opportunity
Step 1: Register new domain + Build hyper local directory (discover….com)
Step 2: Target one specific niche/market or audience to start (listings or offers)
Step 3: Populate (manually) 20 listings from that niche/market or audience (important note: include the best looking examples of this population on the site – responsive websites, good aesthetics, brand recognition in local market, etc)
Step 3a: Seed those listings with social media embeds (twitter/facebook/insta/etc – customfb is good)
Step 3b: Make some of these listings “premium” or featured (this creates the appearance of existng clients – no one is going to complain if they are “featred” or your choice – or top choice – for free)
Step 4: Create featured listings packages and publish on front facing public site
start reaching out to your ideal audience in the context that is most comfortable for you (invites, interview invites,beta invites, fb ads, twitter mentions, fb mentions, (existing listings who are “best of” etc)
Step 5: Register new domain name with hyperlocal + niche/market/industry
Step 6: Install premium template that matches that specific marketplace (browse Themeforest for laywer/contractor/plumbing/medical/restaurant/cafe/etc)
Step 7: Create some content for site that has a hyper local feel (use geography/local terminology/maps etc – just enough so that it feels local to the folks who will see it in step 8)
Step 8: Email 20 BAD examples of niche/market or vertical – bad/no website, old design, poor execution, etc
Step 9: Pitch them the site you created in Steps 5-7 – tell them you are FROM the directory identified in steps 1-2 and offer them featured listing + rent/buy website.
Step 10. Rinse, repeat, scale.

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