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What Problem Do You Solve? (And WHO Has the Problem?)


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What problem does your project solve? One of the questions many folks forget to answer when it comes to launching a directory style site, is……does it solve a problem? Are there people in pain, or is there a glaring absence or hole in the marketplace that your project steps up and fills in? If not……you may want to get more clear about why your site needs to exist in the world.

This is something, by the way….that I have learned the hard way, far too many times to count! An inspired idea – a clever community – or just add one more “directory” to a niche already well served by these style sites, is NOT a recipe for success. (you can get lucky of course, and compete a bit with an existing leader in a space and be enough of a nuisance that they may want to buy you – or partner with you – or otherwise – but in general, just adding more background noise to an existing niche – without innovating or disrupting the status quo in some significant way – is rarely, I’ve learned – a smart strategy)

Try to get super clear on what problem you solve – who you solve it for – and where the pain points are – using this simple graphic as a guide.

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