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I hate to be obnoxious.  Or to say, I told you so.  (both of these statements are lies.  I enjoy both of these activities)

But, it’s 11:45, and while very few people seem to be following this as excitedly as I am, we are now well over the 1000 Google keyword searches for the day (yesterday was 1/10th of that) – we are actually pushing 1300 FREE, organic searches on Google, using the “google likes sites that like other sites google likes” content curation nursery rhyme strategy.

This was dead simple to do – a lot of fun, actually…..and the reason the screenshot is harder to capture (you’ll notice it’s gotten too vertical to capture in one grab) – is because I’m actually getting OTHER folks who are now linking to this directory – or at least to the blog section of the directory, where the curation is taking place.

If you are an online agency – THIS is a strategy you need to employ for your clients.  If you are building a directory, a web community or an authority site of any type, the implication is obvious.  (hint:  do it if you want tons of free traffic)

Any questions?  I’m going to bed.

I feel a little like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2.  Which is a good thing, because earlier today, I was feeling a little bit like Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch.  Which isn’t so much.

So the lesson here is, content curation done right – is awesome for your site, and your sanity.

Thanks Tom.  Thanks Mom.  And thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this project a success.

(PS – this refers to none of y’all.  This was all big daddy2761.  Which is me.  On Reddit.  And on Thursdays at my place when my girlfriend goes to cooking class.  See everyone tomorrow and keep up the good work.)

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