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A little bit of an experimental test that may flop – but we’re going to try it anyway.

Here is a screenshot on July 12th, of a brand new content curation campaign.  As you can see, right now, at about 315PM, there is a slight uptick in the traffic from yesterday.  (July 11th)

This is a project that I’m part of (consulting on) – but dont’ own or run myself.

Here is the challenge:

I want to see if I attack this site with a whole bunch of new curated content, for the next few hours, if we can drive up the traffic to pass the 1k visits mark -MOSTLY on organic search.  (the “secure search” tab in the box to the bottom left organic, free search traffic, which as of now, reflects 300 visits for the day)

This could totally flop of course, and i’m doing the curation manually (no fancy pants tools – even though I could use one and cheat)

The goal will be to get a minimum of 1k visits – with a nice spike in late day traffic – simply by adding lots of current event style curated content (my favorite type, outside of “complimentary” content, where you say something nice about someone in your niche – which no doubt…..works best for obvious reasons 🙂

Stay tuned.

–> update 1.

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