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Hey all – this is going to be the last post for a while – but I wanted to put a call out for folks who may be interested in beta testing a very powerful content curation tool. ย It’s something I’m investing in – while it’s been pretty well stress tested by folks running very successful live sites for the last 4 or 5 months, I want to see how it “lands” in the lives of ordinary people, running conventional content marketing campaigns – rather than it’s existing audience of more industrial grade tech heads with a lot of industry experience.

Essentially, I want to see how people who are more my audience benefit from this level of automation, relative to folks who are very familiar with this sort of tech in their everyday work lives. ย  One of my closest professional peers built this for his use – and he’s become a super close family friend – and I’m pretty excited about incorporating this into some of my current communities, client campaigns and future development projects.

So if you have interest – just shoot me an email – tell me a little bit about your experience with curation (if any) – or content marketing overall (if any) – and what your goals are for the year.

This will be free – no cost – you’d be helping offer feedback, and would be getting a world class tool to play with for at least 3 months. ย (after that – we’d figure it out – if you wanted to keep using it (it’s an SAAS) – we’d offer some sort of great discount – or if you didn’t want to continue – you should be able to accomplish quite a bit while building. ย (look at the content curation “challenge” I did yesterday (July 12th) – and that was MANUAL CURATION – and the results were pretty damn good. ย People are 10x’ing that with this – it’s a bit more complicated – but a much better long term play.

Anyway – that’s it for a while. ย I’m going to be back focusing on my writing and book publishing goals for the year – working with our new clients and continuing to focus on marketing for the mindfulness oriented community (which is really my primary goal going forward – and i’m a bit behind schedule, which is making me gray – and I have people counting on me, that I sometimes feel my urge to say silly things here, isn’t fair to our current commitments together)

So in the interest of time – and getting real shit done – I’m going to be taking an extended break from blogging here.

Thanks – and if the above curation tech is interesting to you – drop me a line.


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