One of the really common challenges over which many of you have expressed some trepidation……is overcoming the inevitable objections that invariably will arise when you invite people to participate in your directory site launch.

I will never forget, on one of the first directory sites we launched, one of the first responses I got back when asking someone to join was –  “You need me a lot more than I need you”

This stings to hear of course.  And while we didn’t really “need” her, we did need warm bodies, and people, to seed our empty site – so she really was right.

I did, however, make a promise to myself on that day, that I would do everything I could to NOT hear that sort of response,  and not feel like I had to grovel for approval from a relatively obscure, and not so nice niche neighbor – ever again.

It’s funny…..when I actually step back and peer in with objective eyes at much of what I’ve shared in all of these pieces of the puzzle……it is really a compendium of my best thinking on how to avoid rejection, when trying to launch something new, as much as it is about earning perpetual piles of profit using the web directory and online agency style business model.

As human beings – no one likes to hear “NO” or worse – to be ignored altogether.

I’m fairly certain, that if you follow all of what I’ve shared in these many updates, you’ll not only build a profitable business, but you can feel confident in your community BEFORE you open it up to the world.

Listen to today’s audio update – and feel free to use the email exchange (3 screenshots) to copy and paste for when folks say “Why Me?” or “How did you get my name” or who are YOU?

****It is the very LAST section of the course/content available in your members/download area – titled,   “Why Me”)

All of this stuff, en total – works.  It works for me.  And it will work for you.

So please use it to build something great – even if it’s just the self confidence to start.

This will be the last update for a while.  You’ve either benefited from all of this content and are excited and empowered and alive with a sense of power and possibility.

Many of you have shared this, and it’s exceptionally gratifying to hear.  (even if we never work together – I appreciate all the kind words – and having the opportunity to connect, and to hear your passion and purpose about your project)

Or, I’ve failed to inspire you, which happens too.

Either way, I appreciate You.

If you’d like to work with me -please get in touch – say hi – tell me what you’re building – and I’m happy to use my experience – and my resources (tools, tech and team) to ensure that you succeed.

Whatever you can dream up – we can help you build.

Everyone has a gift.  I’m not good at many things – but this is mine.

And in conjunction with a few other smart folks, bringing tools and technology to our team that I’d never be able to build on my own, I feel empowered, and inspired, to make a bigger impact than ever, in the weeks and months to come.

For everyone else – I wish you nothing but great success, and a passionate, purposeful work that brings out the best in you – and all those you touch.



****Download the screenshots, listen to the audio, and grab the lesson in the very LAST section of the course/content available in your members/download area – titled,   “Why Me”)

NOTE:  This is for folks in the LAUNCHiT! course community – i’m sharing it here – feel free to download the screenshots, and swipe copy in your course members area.