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There are a lot of products out there that promise to ‘disrupt’ this process or that – and as we all know, very few actually disrupt anything worth disrupting at all.

Anchor.FM is one of the coolest, most creative and truly revolutionary tools for content marketers, podcasters, authority site builders, directory marketers, authors, artists, it really matters NOT what you are building, if you need to create cool content, Anchor has your back.

PS – it’s not only beautiful, elegant and easy to use APP – it’s also 100% free. Which blows my mind. And it will blow yours as well.

I could list all of the amazing, too good to be true features that Anchor offers for FREE (crazy) – but…..i’d run out of time before my tai chi lesson at 12.

(PS – don’t sign up for the tai chi class at the JCC in Boca Raton if you want to learn how to kick some ass – it turns out it’s just a bunch of stretching exercises with wind chime music piped in from the ceiling speakers, and a bunch of 80 year old women who are far more flexible than me)

Anchor was initially designed as a “radio 2.0” style SAAS when it first came out a year or so ago – and was super duper cool then, too – although didn’t really land in my life in a way that had practical or pragmatic value.

Since then, with their 2.0 feature set – it can really be used by ANY content marketing company, agency or individual, to quickly and easily create killer audio, videos, interviews, professional podcasts, call in shows, and just about anything else you’d need to build BUZZ for your brand, blog, and business.

For example?

I’ve been recording tutorials, converting them to video, uploading to youtube (or just embedding on private communities) – all from my phone.

If you are a directory site marketer, or authority site owners, or community oriented content marketer, you can record interviews with your members, (think featured or premium listings/offers 🙂 and then post those to youtube, share with that member, post on your community, and have your recordings transcribed automatically as well (I haven’t used this yet – but can’t wait to try) – allowing you to re-purpose that content like a rock star, across your platform in a myriad of mediums – and in a search engine friendly way as well.  (Axl Rose would be jealous)

Anchor.FM has the best, smoothest and sexiest onboarding process of any app I’ve ever used as well – and the UX is a joy to use.

If you haven’t heard of these folks – you will – and if you are struggling to create content for your community, or build buzz for your books, blog or brand – if you are teaching something or sharing something or just saying something at all in the world – Anchor.fm is an amazing piece of tech to have at your fingertips.

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