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The 90/10 Rule.

Today is the 11th of July, and we have our first successful 0 to 1k Challenge “winner”  (I need a better word, I think) in under a week.  Okay, that’s not totally fair, for 2 reasons.  1.  We started working together at the tail end of June (a week or two before the 5th of July when I started taking sign ups) and 2. We are using a super duper secret content curation tool that isn’t (officially 😉 part of this program to kickstart our content, and his community, on the way to earning 1k.

(this particular person isn’t even paying ME for the challenge – instead, he is a client of a close friend – a software developer and content curation genius who is more like family than a friend – and who has taught me more about content curation using tools + tech than I could have, or ever would have, learned on my own.  I’m doing this gratis – simply because I’m grateful – and love helping folks who are friends and family – of friends and family 🙂

With that sugary sweet introduction out of the way:

Having lots of killer content is a great way to seed a site, and kickstart a community, but it’s not enough to build your bank account.

Having a fierce focus on ONE thing that adds empirical value to the lives of your ideal audience – the folks you identified in the “set ups” stage of this process (if you are taking part in the challenge or working with me directly, you’ve done this exercise already – if you are just reading this for the first time – check out this video)

Forget about the 80/20 rule, pareto’s principle, the law of the vital few or any other cute twist of a phrase that you’ll find on any sales conference white board:

Identify the ONE thing you do well.  The one true value you can offer people in the professional places and spaces you want to own.  And then spend 90% of your time reaching out to those people in the spirit of service and telling them how you’d like to change their lives, build their businesses, and transform their brands.

Years ago, when I was enamored with the art of science of content marketing and conversion, I called this marketing map ” the strategy of straight lines”.  At the time, it was meant to simply articulate how to turn a stranger into a subscriber and a subscriber into a sale, using a straight line funnel system.  (at the time I came up with this, I was using EzineArticles.Com to drive free traffic to our sites, services, products, programs,content and communities – and the map was “article  –> opt in —> offers)

reaching out and connecting with your ideal audience by email – COLD – share what you’ve learned – teach what you know – and simply try to serve selflessly – is a great way of building real relationships with thought leaders in your space.

EZA doesn’t work anymore – but this simple marketing map is still incredibly powerful.

  1. Identify your ideal audience, and perfect clients.
  2. Know EXACTLY how you are going to serve them, help them, build them and transform their marketing (this is the 10%)
  3. With fierce focus and ethical aggression – attack.  (this is the 90% part 😉

Raising the Stakes:

90 days is too long to earn your first 1k.  I’m happy and looking forward to working with everyone who signed up for 90 days, as I love this work, and love connecting with clients, readers and subscribers.   For those of you who committed early – let’s run the score up for 3 months together 🙂

But if you’ve been thinking of signing up for this – you don’t NEED 90 days to “win” the 1k challenge.  You can do this in 30 days.  And you SHOULD do this in 30 days.

So from this point forward, this is a 30 day challenge.

 You WILL earn 1K in 30 days or less, 100% guaranteed.  (or I’ll keep working with you until you do, meaning if I can’t deliver, we’ll work together until i’m either 80 or die prematurely of an overdose of low carb tortilla wraps, brocoli sprouts and avocado, which is all I’m eating these days for some bizarre reason)

Again – I love this work – and love the people who trust me with their time, effort, energy, excitement, enthusiasm and investment.  But 90 days is almost insulting to YOU.  If you follow my map, work with me directly and do the exercises and follow my lead, you’ll transform everything about your web consulting business, your online agency (or aspiring agency) your web directory, your member offers – whatever it is that you want to accomplish, we’re going to do it in 30 days, because it’s THAT easy.

Case study (content curation and conversion)

After lots of begging and bribing, I’ll be posting a private video and audio interview with the niche, the site and the offers that earned OVER 1k in the last 7 days that every online agency style business can follow.  This is not rocket science, it’s not difficult, and you CAN do the same thing.

You don’t have to be a sleazy salesman (or woman) , or a professional web developer, or a marketing genius to start.

Just be a wee bit better at what you do than the folks who are in your audience are, and there is value there already.  Find set ups.  I can’t tell you how important this is.  It’s everything.  Get small.  Stop straying and flaying and flaking and wasting your time and energy on goofy gurus, gimmicks and gadgets that suffocate your specialness, steal your spirit and sap your joy, juice, passion and purpose for this work.

Life is short.  Stop fucking around.  If there are people counting on you to rise up and do your best work in the world – you owe it to them to quit wasting time, and just begin.


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