I’ve always believed that the most important part of launching something new was in it’s 3 basic constituent parts.

  1. The Structure (what it looks like)
  2. The Sequence (what goes where)
  3. The strategy (the overarching objective)

In the last year or two, I’ve become much more convinced that it’s the STORY (your reason why) that matters most.

Maybe it’s a byproduct of getting older.  (and feeling it)  Or maybe it’s a re-shuffling of priorities and perspectives.  But story is what sustains me…and when I find myself struggling, it’s NOT that the first 3 pieces fell flat.  It’s that my story, my reason why, is either overtly (or covertly) not in alignment with my true motivations.

I have been writing a ton of new stuff over the last month or so, and am really excited about a bunch of new very short books (an entire series of “passion…..purpose…..PUBLISH!” content that I’m hoping does really well for MY “story”.  But i’m also enjoying the heck out of writing more, being creative, and making stuff i’d like to read.

Where are YOU going, and why?  Do you know, or are you being pulled there by a myriad of invisible strings, pressures, inauthentic motivations or even for reasons you aren’t even aware of?

One last thought I’ve found helpful recently.  I heard this years ago, but only recently started using it as a guide.

There is a great mountain metaphor that the author Neil Gaiman speaks about – his reason why is that mountain.  It matters not what it is – only that the mountain is where his story comes to life.

Everything he does in his work a day life – is in service of getting closer to that mountain.  When you visualize your story – your reason why – when you see it jutting out of the landscape of your own life, and know it’s there, an immovable object that can’t come hither if you call it – you have to walk or run or crawl or claw or roll your way there –  it becomes really binary, and easy to say – THIS path will get me closer to the mountain, and this path won’t.



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