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Pop Quiz:  When launching your next book, would you rather:

A.  Share your Amazon author & book page with all of your friends and family on Facebook….and hope they all buy a boatload as a show of support.  (doesn’t work.  Trust me.  Thanks for nothing Uncle Jeff & Aunt Judy!  Unfollowed both of you.  And your kids.)

B.  Take some course from a goofy guru who can’t spell big words, but has a really nice youtube whiteboard, and hope that his Amazon insider secrets are better than his taste in tribal tattoos?  (trust me, he grew up on Long Island.  The closest he’s been to an indigenous tribe was when he sat too close to the TV on Season 4 of Survivor. )

C.  Just throw a whole bunch of links to your Amazon page and your book on your blog, and hope some people buy it?  (this does work, and you will have some success with this approach)

The truth is, the absolute best way to build BUZZ for your book, blog, brand, business and bank account is to do a giveaway.  More specifically, a viral book launch contest,  where you incentivize people for taking part in your launch in a whole cacaphony of creative ways. (see, i can’t spell big words either) Give stuff away, get people excited, share swag and inject the spirit of competition into a viral book launch that goes WAY beyond the value of your book, and you’ll find yourself growing a powerful platform…..almost from Day Day #1.

(as some of you know, we recently did a viral contest for a client, as part of a small group mastermind, that generated 800 + brand new subscribers, for a new author, who has never had a single subscriber before.  She now has 800 + people to announce her book to – when it comes out later this month – and a huge headstart in making the best sellers list to boot)

All of this is to say……we just added a brand new service.  Viral Contests & Book Launch Giveaways for Authors who want a powerful platform and a competitive advantage on Amazon….and beyond.

You get masterminding with this (from moi’) where I will get on the phone with you and walk you through the specific steps we’ll implement to get your contest perfectly positioned for YOUR needs, your goals, and your objectives.

You’ll then get a dedicated rep who will build your contest exactly to the specifications we covered (you and I) in step #1.

Finally, we’ll LAUNCH your contest – integrating with your newsletter provider (mailchimp/aweber/whomever) and help you create a traffic and marketing strategy that will build your brand, engage an audience and cultivate a community, 100% out of thin air.  (or if you have an existing audience or platform now, mazel tov!  This will work that much better 😉

Interested?  Check it out here.  

As with all of the store products – feel free to email me, call me or connect with me before you buy, to make sure it’s a good fit for you, and you for it!







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