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One of the most challenging (yet critical) pieces of launching a new directory is generating revenue.  There  are lots of different ways to do “get” people to pay for a featured listing, or to pay you for SOMETHING (anything! 🙂 when you are just getting started, but by virtue of your newness, being “featured” is rarely motivating enough.

This isn’t the perfect analog, but one of the projects I run with some other folks includes a whole bunch of different psychic/spiritual directory communities.  There are about 7 sites altogether in this orbit, and all do fairly well from a traffic standpoint, in their own unique ways.  (one is strictly a curated newsletter, another (which I’ve shared here) is a video curation site, 3 others are standard directories, we’ve just launched a MIGHTYNETWORK private community, etc.

As I’ve been working with VANTAGE 4.0 (actually 4.1 + now 🙂 on a local directory that I’ve also written about over the last few weeks (i’m mostly just helping with ideas and masterminding at this point) – I decided we ought to re-design one of the “psychic” communities with Vantage as well.

I’m actually really starting to LOVE the new Vantage theme/framework.  I hate to admit that because i’m not a huge fan of how they’ve run their launch and their support was super sucky for a while – but all that seems to have radically turned around, due to some ferocious pressure in the forum, I will gladly take a small wee bit of credit for 🙂

So here are some of the things I included in the featured listing offer that went out today, to celebrate the “re-boot” of this community.  We sent an email out to about 350 people (all members, active and expired) and I just stuck this visualization in the email with a short explainer video.

The response thus far (it’s super early – it only went out this afternoon  and it’s a small member list) – but I’ve received about 20 “yes” responses by email (we set it up to go live on the 17th of June) and I expect that number should go up a bit more (maybe a lot more) by tomorrow.  (I can see that many people are opening the email 3 and 4 times, which is always a really good sign of interest)

I will also tell you a really funny story, about how incredibly small the world really is, and how synchronicity can arise in our lives, even when we don’t believe all that much in synchronicity.

I’ve been struggling for a week or so to apply the right “deals” delivery mechanism on a suite of new Vantage powered directory sites.  I wrote about this yesterday a bit (using WooCommerce + WPsocial deals) which is a really sweet solution, yet…..it still wasn’t 100% what I wanted to do from a value  generation standpoint.  (have all the members set up a woo commerce product, and have to dump a shortcode in their post for THEIR product, which links to the store, which links to their deal, via an external product type setting)

Also, yesterday……I wrote a short article about FERZY.com, the new keyword tool I discovered and liked, by dint of reading a review by Brian Jackson, on https://woorkup.com/.    (Yes, the one where I said people who write for fun are pussies – and Hemmingway hated google – both of which went over well with the 19 people who read it.  Hi Mom!)

The irony is, after taking a second peek at the Woorkup.com site (that linked to in that post – and excerpted – and sort of teased his very non artist approach to “why he writes” (never for fun, always for ranking!!) – I started reading some of his articles – was super impressed the more I looked….and then, low and behold, he (and his brother, apparently) also SELL A KICK ASS LIGHT WEIGHT DEAL/COUPON plugin that was absolutely IDEAL for what we wanted to do on the sites above.  (it’s already the DEAL piece of the infographic above)

It’s called WPCOUPONS – i bought it today – and it’s truly a flexible, fast and fun way to create coupons/deals/urgency offers (I think a countdown is coming soon) that you can put on the sidebar  of your directory – and FORCE to display offers related to single listings.  (joe signs up for premium – joe gets a coupon/deal offer as part of his premium/featured listing – joes listing now has JOE’S coupon on the sidebar of his own listing)

To do this on LISTIFY, for example (which I have done, because it works so well) – you ideally have to wrangle with a few different plugins + extensions (premium and free alike) and it’s just a pain in  the ass to set up and get to work right.

Here – it was excrutiantingly easy, and excrutiatingly isn’t even a real word, which makes it even easier.

This is super duper appealing and attractive to folks who want/need an extra incentive to pay you anything for a listing – this is an IDEAL WAY of really offering people lots of value – really benefiting their business in measurable ways – and is super easy to implement as well.  (took me 9 minutes to set it up and have a live coupon working on a specific listing – and that’s because i’m slow and hung over at noon.  You could probably do it in 4)

Anyway, it’s funny how that all lined up perfectly – completely unexpectedly – and i’m pretty stoked at the solution.  If you want to see the video I did to accompany the visual (it’s 8 minutes long, and I simply covered the major benefits of being featured, as part of our re-launch) – i’m happy to share.








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