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Here is a really quick visualization of some quick and easy ways to monetize your Listify directory without having to spend a small fortune on all of the various plugins and extensions to make it work.

Most folks, in my experience anyway, really struggle with choreographing the perfect monetization flow when launching a directory, and if you are doing this on WordPress in particular, that perfect process simply doesnt’ exist. (for example – if you are trying to pick the perfect plugins to do X or Y – faciliate peer to peer marketplace functionality, lets say – or allow people to BOOK a service, and pay for it, and then split the commission, or attach products to listings in a smooth and sexy way, using Vendors extension in combination with WP job managers products plugin, combo….etc and so on)

This all sounds smart when you are drawing it up, but it never quite works out as well in the real world. There are lots of reasons for this (many i’ve covered in the previous 20 posts + videos + Audios) but the primary problem, is that WP is not really designed to run this sort of site. Yes, there are innovative products (Like Listify + Listable + all the analogs) that WILL do all of that, but it’s a slog and a challenge and it’s really not worth it, in my view, to launch with that sort of set up.

(if you NEED a marketplace style site – just start with SHARETRIBE.com, as they are designed for that specific use case, are affordable, and you CAN do everything you need without making a mess out of your life)

That said, you can do a lot of the Listify style “ideal” functonality with other less expensive plugins. You can, for example, use WPCOUPONS.io to create listing specific coupons (much like the use case above) and apply them on a per listing basis, and do it for 25 bucks, rather than 250. (someone signs up for free listing lets say, and you offer them the ability to UPGRADE, to include an offer/deal/coupon in their listing, and in their listing specific SIDEBAR, if they upgrade for X amount a month or a flat fee for a year.

(i’m doing exactly that right now on a hyper local directory we are building as a small team – (using VANTAGE 4.1 – which i’m really starting to love and recommend again) – offering a beta launch to members – $25 per month to offer deals/coupons – or $99 for the year for a whole slew of offers like the ones in the visualization above.)

I’m going to do a video of this – hopefully tonight – and will post in on youtube over the weekend. (i’ll add it here as well)

in the meantime, download this visualization if it helps inspire some ideas on yours – i’m happy to help!

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