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4 Alternatives to Udemy.  (we covered this in an earlier article, but I’m going to re-post this again as a bunch of folks have been asking about my experience with Teachable, and my recommendations for alternatives to that as well)

  1.  WithCoach.Com

  2. Teachable

  3. Gumroad

  4. Thinkific

online course creation platformsThere are also other platforms like Sellfy and Sensei for Woocommerce.  You can also use Eventbrite (although I haven’t) and if you really want to pare it down and do the minimalistic route, you can simply set up an email autoresponder and teach that way as well.

Many people still do this in 2017, and there are actually a few platforms that are bringing the “email mini course” back, as their primary method of teaching content.  (I think dailybitsof…..does this, and there is another one I’ve covered in a previous post which is strictly email course delivery and they appear to be a pretty significant sized player in the LMS space)

Withcoach.com is my favorite for teachers, trainers, and folks who are selling content, courses and coaching.  It simply looks amazing, has the best UI/UX, the best conversion centric checkout and the easiest course creation tools and tech as well.  Plus they have stellar customer service, something that some of the others don’t.  (most notably, Teachable and Gumroad have had some issues based on my own experience, but are both excellent platforms as well)

Teachable is a better platform for course communties (multi-author platforms) – but if you want a seamless, beautiful and truly all in one solution (newsletter/email marketing, landing pages, course delivery, mini-site capability pared with excellent customer service from Spencer and co – I’d recommend WithCoach with no reservations at all.  (something that’s hard to do with Teachable – as large as it’s grown – there are lots of unhappy people using the platform as browsing the private FB teachers group will attest)

If you sign up for WithCoach through my affiliate link – let me know, and I’m happy to share a brand new recording I did for a small group of 10 aspiring authors and teachers in late May – on a simple system for turning your content into books, content, courses and cash 🙂

PS – Does anyone else find it troubling that I have so many pictures of women meditating on my graphics these days?  What is that all about?  I don’t even like meditating women, I’ve discovered.  They’re always talking about auras, and the Universe, and essential oils, which is super annoying.  I need to get some baseball players for background images.    Carry on.

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