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There are lots of good articles on writing good copy.  One of the really common tropes is “focus on benefits, not features”

Having spent a good portion of my adult life finding dates on Craigslist, where the benefits are roughly similar, I’m not 100% sure I agree with that, but for the purposes of this post, let’s grant that it’s true.

(Mom:  that is 100% not true.  I met them on Jewish Matchmaker.com, I promise)

Here is a whole new category in copywriting candor.

Utter confusion.

Mystification.   (Is that a real word? I guess it is)

Head scratching what the fuck am I reading-ness.


You really don’t want to do this on a really cool product, like this one.  Which I’m buying anyway.  Simply because it’s a steal of deal, super creative, and perfect for a quick project I need to get done before the Comey Congress Carnival begins tommorow.  Which I’m taking the day off to watch.  In my PJ’s.  With popcorn.  A few Trump Steaks.  And lots of wine.

Now I know I failed tinker toys.

And legos were never my thing either.

But I find this whole paragraph utterly mysterious.  I’m not even sure the words fit together in any real way.

They may.

But I’m still scratching my head.

So don’t stress over features.

Vs benefits.

Just try not to strain the brain of your ideal audience.








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