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I’ve never really had a strong feeling one way or the other about “drip” courses. Years ago, when email marketing and mini courses were the only real way to teach something for free, they were pretty much the norm.

Today though, there are many EASY options. (without having to wrangle with membership plugins, etc)

The other day, I stumbled on a thread on the Teachable private forum (actually the FB group if I remember correctly) where a whole bunch of folks were opining on whether or not to “drip” courses (time release) or just DUMP courses, (all access immediately).

My own experience is that DUMPING (and adding) is the best way – simply because I’m disorganized, and my best work is rarely a sequential, methodical crescendo building thing. I’d rather stick a whole bunch of content in one place and then refine what is available to learn, based on what folks want, need, ask for, etc.

So here is where my opinion on drip content, or courses, has become uber crystalized this week.

I’m running Amazon ads for a book promotion.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

So, I signed up for a few courses on Amazon ads.

The courses are pretty good.

But they are all “drip” courses.

I want to learn what to do – and do it. On day 1. I don’t want to wait a week to run a stinking ad. And yet…..all of these courses are too coy by a quarter. (Joe made 9876.12 on his first book promotion. We’ll cover what he did……tomorrow!”

Fuck tomorrow.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Who is with me?

Let’s learn today, baby.

Tomorrow may never come.

And I’ve got book sales to make.

Now I’m stuck here refreshing my screen hoping it’s going to be Friday, faster.

That can’t be healthy.

The moral of the story is.

Don’t drip your courses.

(if you are a decent human being)

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