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Everyone understands the power of a platform.  Having a list of subscribers, an audience of fans and followers, and a captivated community of readers is key to starting anything new.

But let’s be honest.  It’s not easy to think of stuff to say everyday, especially if you are a heavy drinker like me.

I will tell you a little secret about email marketing I’ve learned over many years of building my own lists (some, especially on partner projects, north of 50K subscribers) as well as what I’ve learned on being ON more lists than I can count as well.

If you want to build REAL relationships with your list and generate a real income from email marketing (whether it be selling your own offers, affiliate offers, or simply being considered an authority in your niche), you’ve got to get comfortable mailing MORE, rather than less.

Every day you ought to be sending something new.

It’s not the point of this blog post – and I know it sounds counter intuitive to some (who will blanche and blush at the thought of emailing their list everyday) – but there is a dude I know, whose list I am on (currently) who emails me (everyone) 3 times a day.

I sign up for his list once a year or so – just to test the limits of my own patience, to see at what point I’m going to opt out, simply due to the deluge of email he’ll drop in my inbox.  The funny thing is, he’s a great guy – means well (I know him a wee bit – but I use a business address when I sign up, so it’s anonymous for me) – and his emails are genuine, honest, sincere and helpful.

His conversions are the best in the business, too.  (even though he’s a guy most have never heard of)

His entire success is predicated on being good at what he does (but on par with lots of other folks who do the same thing at a high level) AND the sheer fearlessness that he brings to saying – “hey, i’m going to teach you what you signed to learn.  I’m going to send you many emails throughout the day, too.  When I have a thought I think will help you – i’m going to share it without hesitation -EVEN if you’ve already gotten 2 other messages from me today”

It’s really uncanny to me – how the reverse of what you’d think would happen, actually does.  Sure he must get a lot of unsubscribes.  (i always opt out after a month or two – but i’m not really trying to learn from him – I’m just trying to test my own internal state – when do I say – “enough is enough” – EVEN knowing I literally signed up for this 🙂

But he also converts like 10% of his list into clients.  And people love him, and are loyal to him in ways you won’t find in most IM or entrepreneurial circles.  (he’s also a devoutly religious person, and I think that a good percentage of his audience connects with that as well)

So, what does this have to do with a curated newsletter?

If you want to get your message out on a daily basis, but are a bit nervous about having enough to say, or you worry about annoying people by mailing them everday, a curated newsletter is the absolutely easiest way of GENTLY showing up in people’s inbox, in the spirit of service, and sharing, rather than self servingness.

For example?

I’ll get PRODUCTHUNT’s excellent curated email everyday – and i’ll look forward to it – and even if they email/update me (via the app or otherwise)  2x times thereafter during the day –  it never feels like an interruption.

Curation, done well, is the absolute best “soft touch” approach to email marketing, and a great way of building up the appearance of authority, expertise and genuine go to ness in your niche, as well as of course, the best way of building rapport with your professional peers.  (as when you curate their content and share it – you are doing them a big favor and paying them a great compliment)

Here are 2 great tools to curate a kick ass newsletter on a bootstrap budget:

  1. Getrevue.com
  2. Curated.co

Both allow you to create landing pages on custom domains (meaning you can register a new domain name, and have it point to your newsletter as a “squeeze” page with an archive, etc – on paid accounts)

I have used and paid for both (currently have several premium revue accounts + 1 free curated account) and I prefer the curation tools and tech from Revue by a ton – but the curated.co landing pages are amazingly effective for list building + look awesome.  (they are more expensive, but allow you to have multiple newsletters under one account, plus they have native sponsorship features…..which is really quite powerful as well)

If you are looking at BUILDING something this year, a directory, a marketplace, an authority site, a travel guide site (lots of folks in my audience are building travel oriented communities it seems) – a curated newsletter is the absolute EASIEST way to test your concept, get “proof” that there is demand for the idea, build some content up, get noticed, and generate some brand loyalty to boot.

Check out some of my videos on content curation as well as the more recent case studies.  Have questions?  Don’t be shy!  Connect with me on Twitter, email or via the chat box below.



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