As promised, here is another update to the content curation, directory marketing series on how user generated content, and strategically using curated content, can have a huge impact on your business……starting from scratch.

(although in this particular case, this site wasn’t brand new, it was just stale and not being used, which one could argue either helps, or hurts these results, depending on your perspective)

I think this is the 5th week of updates.  You can go back and re-read all the posts in this series and see.

Anyway, I think I spent about 30 minutes on this site this past week – maybe 10 minutes or so, 3x times.

Same process for curating content – not going to repeat the process on each one of these posts (even understanding that many folks are reading each as a stand alone piece, if you are really interested in trying and applying this process, I trust you’ll be motivated enough to read the others, rather than recapitulate the process here)

This is a screenshot from 4.30 on Thursday, the 15th.  I’m including yesterday, and half of today (430 EST) – so do with that what you will.

The traffic is a wee bit down over last update, I think…..i’m not checking, but I believe it was a one day screenshot last time somewhere around 2300 visits.  (this time, a day and a half, it’s 2800 or so, so that feels a like it will end up being  bit less per diem, if you carry the one, and do the math over)

Can I use per diem as a way to talk about daily traffic?  Or am I outing myself as a poor latin linguistic scholar?  Who knows.  You don’t care.  I don’t care.  And it makes me feel fancy to speak in ancient tongues.

The things to notice, yet again… the HUGE amount of outgoing links.  This is huge for me, as the audience continues to click on the links that lead to other peoples sites, meaning I’m truly sharing the love, linking to my niche neighbors, and getting noticed (by dint of their own tracking) as no doubt, you send someone this kind of traffic, they DO tend to perk up.

Also note the affiliate link clicks.  There are about 70 of these in the last day.  (see screenshot – actually 83)  I’m not sure if I’ve earned anything in the last 24 hours from this traffic, but every sale pays me $100.  (they send out sale updates at weird times, usually in the early afternoons, so it’s possible none of this converted – but it’s a numbers game, and some definitely will)

Remember, that’s someone elses content, that i’m clipping and snipping, and 70 (edit: 83)  folks are clicking on my affiliate link based largely on that traffic.  This feels like a pretty good affiliate marketing strategy, too 😉

If you want to get these sorts of traffic results, get in touch.  This isn’t hard to do – these aren’t really high numbers either – but they are solid – and they scale well, and most people have no idea how to skillfully do this sort of work in a way that google loves – your niche neighbors love – it feels good, positions you well, and takes very little time to master.  I’m happy to jump on the phone with you – check out the store for more.  (or drop me an email if you have a question)