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If you are running a web design studio, or small agency or web consultancy, growing revenue is often a real challenge.  Many people find themselves “stuck” for months trying to find that magic bullet that will help scale stale income streams or get out of a rut or simply high step the hurdles that separate “there” from here.  (there being where you’d like to be, and “here” being where we are right now)

One of the things I’ve been trying to focus on with a few of my “LAUNCHiT!” clients (running the gamut from folks who are launching books, to launching local agencies, to launching coaching programs) is to begin with the win.

Focus on the one thing you can do to help people, right now……and lead with that.  Demonstrate that.  Generously and without reservation.

Most people will ignore you.

But the truth is, you don’t need most people.

You only need the vital few to have incredible, life changing benefits to your brand, and your business, and of course, as a result, your bottom line + bank account to boot.

A few months ago, to demonstrate this sort of “cut through the bullshit” process of getting new clients, and because while I really don’t love the topic, I traded a little bit of my expertise and experience and “cache” with directory and authority site building to reach out to a whole slew of folks who develop WP themes + directory frameworks.

I emailed (cold) a whole bunch of theme makers and directory developers and basically said something to the effect of,

“hey, my name is Ian.  I have a blog here, and I talk a lot about directories and authority sites and web communities.  I’d love to recommend your theme to my readers.  Here are 3 things I think you could do right now to improve your product/copy/offer.”

As a side note, the thing I noticed right away with most of these thememakers + directory building development houses, was that English appeared to be their second language.  Or, even if it was their primary language, the landing page copy they were using to sell their theme (either on Themeforest, a similar marketplace or their own site), they simply didn’t excel in the area of creating copy crafted to convert.

So when folks invariably clicked back to my site to be like – “who is this person who just emailed me out of the blue to make suggestions” – I found they were spending many hours reading my content, often coming back many times, over many subsequent days as well.

I didn’t make a dime from this – as that wasn’t really the  point.  (even though about 50% + of those I reached out to wrote me back in great detail for help)

I did this mostly to demonstrate how easy this could be to folks I’m working with, or talking to, and to illuminate if you share your opinion and expertise and experience in a generous and honest way, and if there really is a win to be had in your advice, people really respond incredibly well.

One person took this approach, and has now grown his web design side hustle by 400% in the last 60 days.

Per his self reporting  – his income has gone from under 2k a month, to over 8k in design and consulting income in under 60 days, simply following a simple 3 step email process.

This is not including the local directory he’s building (now with a partner) that should be ready this month,  and when included in this sequence, ought to have a huge benefit to his appearance of expertise/authority when repeating this process next month.

(as it’s much easier to say – “hey, my name is X and I own Y here in Z city/town/state – and here are 3 things I noticed about your site today.”  Of course, most of these folks are going to look at whatever authority site you own, and if it looks good and solid and popular, so too will you)

If you are building an online agency, web consultancy or design studio and are looking for new clients, send in some questions you’d like answered, send them to me, and we’ll cover them in our next call.  (early to mid next week it looks like – after Fathers day)

If enough people want to hear it, and I can get him to agree – while I can’t promise it will be free – I’ll put the recording, a transcript and the examples sites + emails and follow ups up somewhere, and you can apply the same approach for yours.

It’s not rocket science, and there is no genius involved.  Begin with the win.  Simple, straight lines.  Who is my ideal audience?  What do they need?  What is empirically obvious to me, by dint of my experience and expertise, that would immediately impact their business for the good?

Take a few hours and just share that.

No gurus required.

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