What questions are you asking before you launch your directory?   Are your questions limited to which wordpress theme + plugins are going to make your site look the best?  Are you considering other platforms INSTEAD of WordPress?

  • Do you think that featured listings are a sustainable business model for most of us?  (spoiler alert:  They aren’t .)
  • How are you going to seed the site?
  • What do YOU love, and do best….and what is the 1 thing you can bring to this project that empowers, inspires and offers real value to your ideal audience…..both the people you want to be listed on the site (your professional peers, let’s say) and the public who will be interacting with that audience?
  • There is so much more to launching a directory than choosing between 2 very similar shiny and fancy looking wordpress themes.  In terms of ultimately determining how successful your project is going to be, that will never play a part.  (or if it does…..it’s a super small part)

Which software scales best for your needs?  And which is safest should you want to sell?  Or migrate to the next (best) platform, theme/framework/option that arises next month?

For example, a new project I just launched in a local community, we built it on the VANTAGE theme + framework.

Why….especially after I’ve complained a bit about their support and other bothersome bits from the appthemes team?  Because it integrates with Woocommerce really, really well….and for local deals/coupons/urgency offers, discounts and other style sale oriented ecommerce functionality, it has a fair amount of future proof functionality built into the box.  (compared to something like LISTINGPRO, which I’ve been recommending to everyone and LOVE but has no product/deals/ ecommerce functionality built in – or something like Listify which DOES – and I also really love (even though I’ve said some not nice things there too 🙂 – which relies on WP job manager/+ this/ + that + Woocommerce + + to really work as well.

(for example – using a plugin like WPSOCIAL DEALS for Woocommerce – we can add coupons/deals to premium listings which is really valuable to us and them – AND gives us a built in service to offer when folks invariably say – “love the deal on my listing…..but how do we employ the coupon offer on OUR side/site?”

(this is what the late Chet Holmes used to call “resetting the buying criteria” – or changing the dynamic by which folks think and interact with your offers, and their ability to go and grow by dint of your expertise)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about really writing a long post covering a lot of this stuff in more detail, but as many of you already know, the world is officially falling apart at the seams, and writing about directories feels somewhat self indulgent when I could be reading Nostradamus predictions at 3am, or trying to figure out if North Korea can hit Miami with a bunker bomb anytime soon.  (the smart money says no – so expect some more directory content soon)

Everyone has the same questions though – and truthfully, to me, it feels like a lot of confusion, and category error.  So I recorded a short audio on these 9 points – and shared with my private group...and thought I’d share the infographic/visualization here.

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