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  1. Viral book launches, giveaways and contests.

I’m trying a whole slew of different popular services for promoting our books – my books, old pen name books, and some test books that others in our orbit have recently written.  (mostly first time authors in the helping, healing and services spaces) Experimenting with advanced copy giveaways using software (and services) running our own viral contests and some other interesting angles I’m excited to explore for the first time.  (knowing that many of them won’t work as well as advertised as well)

NOTE:  if you are an author with an existing book, or have an upcoming launch, check out the viral book launch service.  (or send me an email)  I’m excited about using these to promote my own stuff….and our clients content (courses, coaching offers too) – and after a few false starts, I think I have a really good template in place that ought to bring huge ROI to authors, marketers, teachers, trainers and folks who want to build a big list on a bootstrap budget.

  • Amazon Ads!

I just started running Amazon ads over the weekend for an old book (written in a pen name with a partner for a niche i’ve been covering the “curation” series of posts) and I’m hoping to see some good results from these campaigns…with the understanding that I have no idea what i’m doing.  I’ve managed to suck at Google Adwords, been pretty succesful with FB ads and if can fall a little bit closer to the FB success spectrum than I’ve been with Adwords, i’ll be a happy self publishing camper.

  • The best book marketing traffic strategy

For me, thus far…..has been Youtube.  It’s crazy how effective Youtube is for traffic, and using the Q and A model (12 questions about doing X answered in 12 days in under 2 minutes) –  is an amazing way to get free traffic, literally from day 1.  The directory marketing videos i’ve made with my MindfullyTV account  (mostly theme reviews – like Listify vs Listable, or Using Sharetribe or Listingpro directory review, etc…..are now some of the most active sources of referral traffic to my blog everyday, even though I could really care less about the topic longer term.  (i did these posts mostly to accomodate the folks who were looking to build authority sites and were looking for the right THEMES, frameworks, or doing comparisons between several)  These videos are easy to make and have great “legs” insofar as for the 10 or 12 minutes they take, and use the “complimentary” content model which is great for fostering relationships with professional peers as well.  (e.g. – reviewing a theme with a video has led to shares, emails, introductions and thank you’s from folks I wouldn’t have met otherwise)

As I focus my own efforts on book marketing, I’m looking to scale up the youtube component, and excited about some of the possibilities there as well.

If you are looking to do a book launch giveaway, check out this example copy – and this offer, or email me – i’m happy to help!



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