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Free Course. Get the Authority Advantage....🚀 & LAUNCH a profitable online agency with the web directory model.

If you are still trying to earn your first 1K online, or are trying to stress test a new niche directory idea, I’m going to be leading a short challenge/course (90 days) where everyone participating, SHOULD be able to go from zero (no income ever before) to a minimum of 1k, using the online directory, authority site, marketplace or niche community marketing model.

I’m doing this in conjunction with an Amazon book that will be published next week as well – outlining the 3 best strategies (in my view) for going from going from scratch, to a full time living, using web directory/LAUNCHiT! business model.

Simultaneously, I have a live project that is being developed in a local market that I’m only tangentially involved with (just advising the 2 people who are running it – one tech support person and one entrepreneur – with an ownership interest in the directory + agency that is running it) – and they will be working on this with a goal of 10k (rather than 1) from scratch – using the same approach.

I’m primarily going to be promoting this offer through Amazon (through some ads, and through the book itself, which will have links to the challenge) but if you are interested in taking part in this – let me know. (ianrhollander@gmail.com

The core elements are things I’ve covered here many times in the past, but we’ll be focused on 3 monetization strategies:

1. Overwhelming value for “premium” listings (a Core set of 7 enhancements to the “basic” listing that makes NOT paying for a listing feel foolish and potentially costly)
2. Agency offers (building back end agency style offers as the primary monetization model)
3. Authority Site as Asset (seeking out buyers/flipping the authority site to ideal audience)

There is absolutely NO doubt that the LAUNCHiT! style marketing model – be it local directories, niche communities, user generated content portals, multi vendor marketplaces, whatever you can conceptualize from a deep interest standpoint (local, lifestyle or niche specific) can be monetized FAR more easily, FAR more ethically, and FAR more viably, than just about any other online business approach I know.

Most stuff is challenging. For example, my primary focus these days is writing books and creating courses and selling digital downloads and similar stuff to people. THAT is difficult. That isn’t easy. THAT has me scratching my head sometimes and saying – why aren’t I back at PayLess Shoes in the Moorestown mall. I could be regional sales manager by now. In charge of mens loafers. And eating Cinnabon for lunch everyday. Instead, I’m typing furiously with far too much cold brew coffee pumping through my veins watching Wolf Blizter yell “BREAKING NOW” for hours at a time.

Good grief. Who knew writing books for a living was such a challenge. Hemingway was always happy. Wasn’t he?

Anyway, authority sites and web directories and marketplaces and all of that stuff is SO MUCH EASIER.

It’s also the back up business and firm foundation that allows me to stare at a blinking screen all day trying to pick the perfect prose and missing wildly and not panicking too much day after day.

It’s the 1 online business model that stacks the deck in your favor – that allows you to do what you know right NOW (not need to learn anything new) and offer tremendous value in an ethical way, to people who truly will benefit from your acumen.

Don’t believe me?

Take a quick look in your local community, right now – in any niche you’d like to dominate.

Look at 10 random sites.

Can you:

  • A. Make them better? or
  • B. Do they all look perfect as is?

If you answered B, you probably ought to also consider Payless shoes like me.

If you answered A – that’s all you need to know that the struggle is real – the opportunity evergreen – and your time to step in and step up is right NOW.

If you want to join in – give me a shout and i’ll share the details.

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