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New: (July 5th)

In this short recording I cover a few very simple ways to create an irresistible offer when approaching potential “featured” or “premium” listings on your web directory or authority site.

NOTE: Selling featured listings is NOT the best long term, viable way to create a valuable site, but it IS one of the easiest ways to quickly, easily and ethically FUND your directory, so you can advertise it, grow it, scale it, and have cash on hand to promote your community in a myriad of other more momentum generating methods.

ALSO note: the thing I blanked on at the end of the video (the thing that slipped my mind that I couldn’t recall) was the objection that you shouldn’t give way too much to get people to sign up – early on. And I agree with this – but also know, that some of the BEST products and programs and software tools I’ve purchased in the last 12 months have been in this “domain”: LAUNCH day specials or first week “beta” offers that were SO good…..that it was crazy to pass them up – and now many of those services, or software packages get more in a MONTH than I paid for a lifetime license.

So don’t think you can’t do the same thing on YOUR directory launch – you can. (and if you really want to start earning some quick cash…..you SHOULD!) If you want to take part in the 0 TO 1K coaching challenge – learn more at the link below.

– http://goodkarma.link/90day

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