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Turning Your Content into a Course (and good online teaching platforms for authors)


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When I was looking for some “swag” to give away for some author marketing and self publishing challenges, one of the first emails I sent was to Spencer at

Why?  I’ve always loved the smoothness and “sexiness” of their product – I think i was making email product suggestions within 9 minutes of stumbling on the platform on Product Hunt about a year ago  (on the day they launched, if my burnt brain cells serve me well – and in my view, not only has withcoach continued to evolve and improve where they already excelled – they are truly THE undiscovered gem of the online SAAS LMS space.  (and the best “under one roof” solution for email marketing, course creation, selling digital products, and creating great looking landing pages to boot)

Withcoach is a great alternative to Teachable, Thinkific, Gumroad and Woo Sensei – it looks great, has amazing UI and UX – is super duper to use and actually makes creating courses fun, and a breeze.

(I would love to use them for our mindfulness marketplace/course community – but they don’t support multiple author platforms – which makes it a tough sell – although Spencer did tell me it’s on the feature map)

I know that a lot of folks don’t really get how these tools look on the back end, or behind the scenes, so here is 4 minutes of a longer series of videos I’m doing to help some of the folks I’m targeting turn their books into a brand… not only self publishing their first book, but then turning  content into courses, coaching and more.

Check out Withcoach here – and if you sign up, let me know and i’ll add you to our author marketing and self publishing class as well.  (with more videos on this, and other content creation thingies)





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