2 quick announcements. 1 – I’m adding a new offer to the LAUNCHiT! suite of products and services we are now offering. (myself, several partners and a small but growing cadre of virtual assistants, and outsourced agents)

This is a very specific 30 day training program for folks who want to build profitable online assets in your local community and then sell, rent, flip, lease, or otherwise monetize them in some cool and creative and evergreen ways.

This process map works for NATIONAL niches, and has no borders or boundaries based on geography in principle.

HOWEVER, this specific offer is geared to be done locally, so folks who want to participate in the actual training (here) ought to want to START their agency, consultancy or services to a local audience to participate.

I recorded a long-ish video above – but you need not watch it all to get the gist.

The underlying marketing map, focus and flow for this LAUNCHiT! Local process map is as follows:

Step 1. We identify a niche, market or industry YOU want to “own” in your local community, city, town, province or geographical area
Step 2. We identify who is strong and why in this space
Step 3. We identify who is WEAK and why in this space
Step 4. We mastermind 3 core irresistible offers we can make that have empirical, real world value to your ideal audience. (both the STRONG ones….and the weak ones alike)
Step 5. We build assets (easy and elegant)
Step 6. We create our suite of services and optimize our offers
Step 7. We approach our audience with empirical, ethical and evergreen offers and ideas to build BUZZ for their brands, blogs, businesses and bank accounts…..by using our (YOUR) services.

This process works even better for folks who want to build directories, local authority sites, etc – but it’s completely optional and not required.

The focus in this training is to get you to buy LOW, and sell HIGH and do it in a way that works in the real world, makes sense, is scalable and repeatable and will enable you to exponentially improve your audience, your appearance of expertise, your LOCAL authority and your income as well.

Have questions? first time here? None of this make sense? Just arrive from another galaxy? Spent one happy hour too long in the passenger seat of Tiger Wood’s black Benz? All questions are welcome – hit me up using the chat thingy below – leave a message if I don’t reply and I’m happy to get back to you within an hour or two. If you are ready to get started, and want to have an exciting online agency up and running in the next 30 days, get more details here.