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Okay, while I may not be an IN DEMAND visual design pro, I am churning out info-graphics galore, and often during my lunch hour.  Which is between 6-7, just because I wake up so god damn late.  Who wants to get up in the morning when Kim Jon Un may be visiting West Palm Beach for dinner sometime soon?  I know I don’t.  And I have no idea why you brought it up.

What I wanted to talk, before you got us all sidetracked, was this:

One of the very best business investments i’ve made in the last 3 or 4 months was a year subscription to ADIOMA.com, a fantastic tool for creating info-graphics and visualizations in mere minutes….that people really love. (and are a ton of fun to make, too!)

I’ve had some members of our community even ask us to make info-graphics for THEM, which is pretty funny….considering i’m a total design dummy. (but I’ve got Adioma which keeps em’ fooled!) Check out the video I did a few months ago on how to use Adioma.
And then check out Adioma HERE. (no affiliate link – it’s just awesome)

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