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I’m sharing this because I think it’s important, and because people ask me everyday for my opinion, and because I simply can’t write another review or recommendation post about this theme or that, or this plugin or that, or this framework or that, but I do think people ought to know what things look like on the inside……and in this case, I mean on the buyers side of the appthemes customer forum

Appthemes has been really good to me. I really like Vantage 4.0. But as I pointed out in the whole series of posts i made about their theme and framework before it came out….there were some unsettling issues I was seeing about their support, and their receptivity and their level of attention to customers and owners of their existing theme. (the older versions of Vantage)

I have bought a bunch of products from them in the past, but the Vantage theme we run on one of our directories (3.x version) was purchased by one of my parnters on that project. (i bought the child theme we’ve used on it for years….and while it ain’t pretty by 2017 standards, it’s hacked to work pretty well for our purposes)

Anyway, there are lots of unhappy people in the appthemes forum, specifically as it relates to Vantage 4.

I still recommend it. I’ve written about worrying about their support in the past. (simply search all the vantage posts on my blog to see those concerns) But I think folks ought to know that appthemes ain’t all that obviously empathetic to the folks who spend money on their themes, if response rates in the forum are a good indication. Which of course, they are 🙂 So for what it’s worth – keep that in mind before you buy.

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